Most common causes of back pain & changes you can make to ease that pain In industrial nations, it is estimated that up to 75% of the population will experience low back pain. Causes of low back pain are variable from excessive weight, strenuous exercise or lifting to stress and anxiety. With multiple possible contributing factors, there appears to be a common denominator amongst…

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Exercising when you have arthritis The pain and stiffness associated with arthritis can result in a person avoiding all movement. Ironically the best method to combat arthritis is movement. Rhythmical and low impact movement encourages joint lubrication, strengthening to offset the poor biomechanical loading, and flexibility to maintain and gain range of motion. The…

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Less is More: Simple, Efficient Exercises for When You Are Crunched for Time

If I only had more time!” An expression, I often hear, and one I am doing my best to get away from. Why…because the expression became an excuse as to why I was not getting in all the stretching and strengthening I knew I needed to prevent pain and promote wellness. So, I started to end a cardio session with 10-20 minutes of strengthening a few times a week.

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