Travel & Train Hard Series 6 – Stretch Anywhere

Vacations are a necessity of life. We all need some time to get away from our daily lives. Whether we physically go somewhere or take a staycation (regrouping at home), it’s needed to maintain a healthy balance in life.


This is the 6th workout blog of the Travel and Train Series. If you have been keeping up with this Travel Series, you will have 6 different workouts that can be packed with you to stay fit on any travel adventure!

  1. Total Body To Go
  2. Legs & Cardio Push
  3. Portable Cardio Drills
  4. Core To Go
  5. Arm Exercises with Bands
  6. Stretch Anywhere (current blog)


These 6 workouts can be performed as they were posted. Or, feel free to create your own workout by choosing any of the 30+ exercises provided in these series to keep you in shape!


Before we get into the Stretch Sequence, I’d love to share some meaningful and mindful tips to make your travel experience its ultimate best.



Traveling has so many benefits that can positively impact your life. It’s a way to see our amazing world through your own eyes, experience different cultures and lands, relax and regroup, try new foods, and meet fellow travelers.


Here are 9 travel tips and secrets I’ve found helpful to stay stress free, learn and discover as well as make fitness part of your travel experience:


Move on a Mat

Unroll a mat and place it anywhere to get your sweat on! There are so many types of functional bodyweight workouts you can do on a mat such as: yoga, Pilates, acroyoga, core, any type of bodyweight strength movements… you can get creative on your mat anywhere. I recently invested in the Manduka eko superlite travel mat.  It’s only 2.5 lbs. and easily fits into my backpack!  Love the ease of being able to unroll and get moving anywhere!

Play in Nature

The great outdoors is an open playground to discover, explore, and actively play with what mother nature provides. Besides the muscular and stamina challenges of different terrains, there’s something soothing to the mind and soul when connecting with nature.  Take in the scenery and breath-taking views while hiking, biking, running, rafting, etc.  Being one with nature will leave you feeling energized and accomplished with memories to cherish.

Digital Detox

Take a break from the never-ending media world ditching the digital temptations and give your soul a detox boost. It’s refreshing to your mind and inner soul. Stepping away from this is refreshing and can allow you to be in the moment of real life. Some of the happiest people are those with a lot fewer possessions. So, give yourself a reboot and a mental break from all the posting.  It will be there when you return…

Recharge Your Batteries

Sleep is so important and often underestimated when traveling. Depending on what type of traveling you are doing, it can be exhausting to keep up with the daily adventures!  Prioritize sleep so that it recharges your batteries and you come back refreshed mentally and physically. Sleep will help you repair injuries, enhance your thoughts, and propel you to accomplish the most each day.

Learn from Fellow Travelers

Lessons are gifts we learn from others or by personal experiences. From a traveling standpoint, you can learn so much from other wanders that gratefully pass on their valuable knowledge at a time that may resonate with you most. Many of the people you meet will have stories and tips to share. It’s a beautiful thing to connect with like-minded people and discover helpful tips to make your trip easier.

Learn, Listen, & Embrace

Traveling has an ability to open your mind and bring peach to your heart. It’s incredibly healing to be able to take ‘time out’ to truly listen to what you want or need. Learning about yourself can be triggered by the experiences we create, such as learning about other cultures and discovering new land. Embrace what you learn about yourself and focus on deepening a healthy view of the world we live in.

Alone Time

Traveling solo is a life changing experience. It allows you to be one with yourself by developing a sense of independence and inner trust with all you do. Being alone doesn’t mean you have to travel alone. Just take a moment each day to: clear your mind, go at your own pace, make your own decisions, exercise how you want, do what you want!  Alone time will help you stay clear, focused, and determined to work towards being the best version of yourself.


Emotional health relates to physical well-being. Journaling can be a way to remember moments, to talk out deep feelings or something that resonates with you, or it’s a way to express your thoughts nonverbally. Writing about your adventures, your feelings, your hardships, or your experiences can be a magical release for your creative side as well as your spirit. Perhaps you will start a blog or publish something sparked from your traveling journey.


Clear the mind and declutter all the negative talk in your head by channeling inner peace. Meditating can be done in any way, shape, or form for any amount of time. It allows you to direct your energy inward, to listen, and to let go. A clear mind forms clear thoughts that guide you to a directional path.



Stretching daily is almost more important than an actual workout. It’s what helps lengthen your muscles back out to their resting length. Stretching also helps prevent injury and gets your prepared and ready for your next workout!


This short sequence of yoga movements that will facilitate flexibility while strengthening your muscles and joints. It’s a perfect combination of stretches that can be used as a warm-up, cool-down, or repeated as a sequence. The best part is that you can do this sequence anywhere!



  • Perform these stretches in the order listed on one side, then repeat them on the other side to complete the sequence.
  • Aim to repeat the movements 3-5 times on each side.
  • Hold each pose for a few seconds or about 3-5 breaths.
  • Focus on balance, alignment, and core control throughout the poses.


Your workout could be as short as 5 minutes (one set) or longer (+sets) if you have more time. It’s really up to you but the goal is stay active each day you’re away.


Flowing Stretch Sequence:

Up Dog – Down Dog

  • Up-Dog: Come to a table top or a plank position by aligning the hands parallel to each other. Inhale as you bend the elbows keeping them close to the ribs, press the hands firmly into the floor, and drop the hips towards the ground. Lift the torso upward as the arms straighten. Press the tops of the feet into the mat as the thighs lift off the floor. Open the chest, shoulders, and spine. Hold a few seconds.
  • Only extend as much as your spine will allow you. Keep the shoulders relaxed and away from the neck.
  • Modify by keeping the knees bent and resting on the floor.
  • Down-Dog: From a plank position, keep the legs and arms extended long as you simultaneously hinge from the shoulders and press the hips up to form a triangle shape. The arms will be aligned with the ears and feet parallel with the knees.
  • Feel free to peddle the legs or shift around to feel the stretch where it feels best. Distribute equal weight in the hands and feet.  Hold for a few seconds then flow to the next pose.


Warrior 1 & Warrior 3

  • Warrior 1: Stand at the front of your mat. Step back into a lunge position bending the front leg to 90 degrees. The back leg is extended long with the foot slightly turned out and flat on the mat. Reach the arms straight overhead and parallel with palms facing each other. Keep the hips square to the front at all times.
  • Lower the arms if the shoulders rise up or elbows have difficulty remaining straight. Distribute the weight evenly between both feet and keep the torso lifted.
  • Warrior 3: From Warrior 1, shift the weight forward to balance on the front leg. Once balanced, lift the back leg parallel to the floor with a flexed foot pointing towards the floor. Reach the arms forward by ears or extend by hips.  Keep the torso long as it hinges forward to become parallel to the floor forming a “T” shape. Hips are square at all times.
  • Stare at a focal point for balance and control. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat other side.


Triangle & Reverse Triangle

  • Triangle: Stand with your feet hip distance apart and arms at sides. Turn the right foot out to 90 degrees so that the toes are pointing to the top of the mat. Pivot the left foot slightly inwards at a 45-degree angle. Raise the arms to shoulder height and parallel to the floor with palms facing down. Shift the left hip back and simultaneously reach the right hand toward the right foot and the left hand straight up to form a straight line.
  • Gently rest the right hand on the right shin or ankle. If you have the flexibility, place it outside the ankle and on the floor.
  • You may need a yoga block, chair, or lifted object to accommodate your flexibility.
  • Reverse Triangle: Keeping the same position as above. Rise up from triangle pose and reverse the motion by extending the spine back and simultaneously changing the arms so that the left arm reaches towards the left and the right arm reaches upward.
  • Hold for a few seconds. Switch sides.


Runners Lunge

  • Begin in a plank position with hands below the shoulders. Step the right foot forward in-between both hands. Relax through your hips and settle into the stretch. Hold for a few seconds. Switch sides.


Figure 4

  • Balance on one foot with the knee slightly bent. Bend the opposite knee and cross it onto the standing thigh. Hinge forward slightly keeping the torso straight until the stretch is felt in the outer thigh. Use the arm/ hand to press onto the shin for a greater stretch. Repeat on other side.

    Check out the video to see how these stretches are performed in a flowing sequence. 


    Take a journey and train hard along the way. As you can see, there are many healthy ways to keep your body actively burning calories to stay fit and help maximize your time!


    Happy trails,



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    This is not the end of the Travel and Train Series… there is more! BONUS! Stay tuned for some great aqua exercises you can do in any body of water to get a great cardio and strength workout while staying refreshed in the heat. Stay tuned for Series 7; Aqua Fit.

    Maria Sollon

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