Workout Clothes, Looking Good While Working Out

Does what you wear affect your workout?

The way you dress can absolutely mentally prepare you for a great workout.  Experts call this, enclothed cognition, which is the positive mental experience you feel when wearing certain clothing that makes you feel good. If you enjoy cut-out leggings and bright colored tank tops then in turn you feel happier and more excited to workout perhaps. Proven fact, you are more likely to workout when you dress for it. The way we feel about ourselves changes our confidence, and boosts our ability to even work harder. I know when I wear my Captain America workout leggings with the matching tank top, I feel like a superhero for that workout. Therefore, I use more power during the exercises because I am dressed for the part. Simple theory really, dress like an athlete you are more likely to perform as one. Keep this in mind next time you go shopping for fitness gear.

How to shop for the right fitness gear?

I have several requirements before I make a purchase. For starters, I look at the quality.  Just because something is expensive does not necessarily mean it is better. You may just be paying more for the brand name or logo. I want light, breathable, stretchy, and moisture wicking material so it makes sweaty workouts more comfortable. I also want to buy something that will last a long time. Some fabrics and stitching will come apart in the wash. That may be a tall order, but the fitness apparel industry is booming.  Fitness gear is also fashion.


Leggings are everywhere, from basic black, to patterns, and bright colors. High-waisted compression leggings and capris made with polyester and spandex are amazing for women. They hug the body in all the right places, make the booty look fabulous and give a feeling of control in the thighs and waist. They are designed to allow movement while compressing the muscles. Just make sure they are not too tight cutting off circulation and air flow. At the same time, you don’t want them loose and having to hike them up like panty hose throughout a workout. I can run in them, workout on the Total Gym and even do yoga classes. Just make sure before leaving the house they are not transparent! Pockets are the greatest invention EVER!  You now can pack your keys, phone, and credit card all in your workout pants and shorts! This makes it easy for us busy women to run errands.  I love all the clothing with mesh, vents, and cut-outs that are not only in style right now but serve a purpose to release heat from the body.


When shopping for Shorts, do the squat test. If they cut into your thighs or not comfortable around the waist, don’t buy them. I look for soft or stretchy material in shorts. They need to be close to the body and not too loose. Rough material that does not allow for movement can irritate the skin and cause chafing especially for runners.  Pockets, vents, and a built-in panty is an added bonus.

Tanks, Tees, & Long Sleeves

I shop for staple pieces that are more versatile so you can’t go wrong with basic black and grey. One thing I despise, are fabrics that have zero range of motion. Depending on your workout, will depend on what is right for you. I need to be able to stretch my arms overhead, so that requires some movement in my clothing. I feel less restricted wearing tank tops. They allow me to move more freely without cutting into my neck and shoulders. I also need light and breathable fabrics to wick away sweat from my skin.  Cotton is also a breathable option however, for sweaty workouts it becomes soaked and heavy on my body. It is important to release the sweat away from the skin to prevent bacteria from growing. With fall and winter approaching I can layer up. Long sleeves with thumb holes to keep your hands warm are perfect for outdoor activity. The added ventilation and thumb holes in all workout tops are amazing. Look for those added details, so you will have lasting pieces in your fitness wardrobe.

Sports Bras

Get fitted by a professional! If that is not an option, then make sure to wear a bra made for exercising. Support matters and will make a difference in your workout and overall posture. Again, looking for breathable fabric, comfort, support and style. If your bra is too tight, it can restrict your air flow which is harmful to your health. Racerbacks and wide straps provide a lot of support. Make sure the straps do not cut into your skin or hurt your neck. Double check the band of your bra does not stretch further than an inch away from your body. The cup should contain, not spill over. Whatever shape you are, there is a bra out there for you.

Look Good, Feel Good

Whatever you choose to wear for your workout reflects yourself. Don’t wait until you lose 30lbs to start buying cute fitness gear, DO IT NOW! It is important to have the proper tools for the job. You need to be able to be in proper form and feel comfortable at the same time. The right fitness gear will help you reach your goals.  Find whatever it is that makes you feel good and look good. Sometimes success is just that simple, LOOK successful, BE successful. The right clothing will boost your mood, help you be more motivated, and improve your performance.

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