Bullet Proof Plan for a STRONGER YOU – Part 1: Legs

Strength is one of the most important factors for achieving improved performance in sports or in everyday life. So how do we develop strength in a way that is safe, effective, while also being sustainable in the long run? There’s no doubt it starts with some proper planning and then a commitment to stick with the plan. Although everyone’s plan may differ based on goals, abilities, and availability to train, there are some very basic elements to strength training that can truly work for anyone. So if you are wanting to create muscle strength, definition, and power with simple, easy to follow tips and strategies, then welcome to this first of the 5-part series - Bullet Proof Plan for the Stronger You!


#1 Keep It Simple

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic looking for something new, or dreading the thought of getting started, my advice when taking on a new challenge is to keep it simple. Make small, short-term goals that you know you can achieve, then expand from there. Think of driving a manual transmission. Don’t try to go from 1st gear to 4th gear. Start at first, then focus on gear 2 on so on. These simple commitments will help your mind and body work together in sync while preparing you for more challenging movements later. I’m confident that this mindset will keep you 100% committed for the long haul!

The fitness industry has been trending toward developing programs that are designed to combine intense movements within a limited timeframe to condition the whole body. Although very effective for different types of goals, it’s important to be aware that HIIT-style training generally does not focus on strengthening specific areas of your body using high resistance techniques designed to fatigue you muscles and increase strength. So I hope you find this plan as a refreshing, easy to follow, strength training base for you to get inspired, moving, and performing at your best!


The bullet proof plan is designed to train a specific muscle group on separate days to achieve a Stronger YOU! This plan is laid out in a 5-part blog series that include muscle specific workouts along with helpful strategies to achieve your goals.

Here’s the Bullet Proof Plan layout:

Part 1: Legs

Part 2: Upper Body

Part 3: Core

Part 4: Total Body Cardio Strength

Part 5: Active Stretch

Split Routine:

These workouts are designed to do on separate days in a split routine. This will allow you to focus on specific areas of the body to develop muscular strength.

Feel free to include other exercises into these workouts along with a cardio routine or other activities you enjoy.

Frequency / Duration:

• Perform each workout on separate days throughout the week.
• Commit to a 3-4 week cycle that allows you to improve over time. Reassess after this time frame and make adjustments to progress your program.

*Also be sure to adjust the incline as your body gets stronger.


All of these workouts can be interchanged or pieced together into one big circuit. After doing this split routine for a few weeks (approx. 3-4 weeks), change it up by combining two muscle groups together OR perform all the workouts as one big total body circuit. Your strength is in your hands!



Get the most out of your workouts to develop your ultimate best and become The Stronger You. This workout focuses on developing strength for your lower body on your Total Gym.

Accessories: Squat Stand

Set Up:

• Incline will vary depending on the exercise and your strength level
• Squat Stand attached


• Perform the following exercises with a ‘super set’ format. (Alternate an exercise with another exercise for the desired sets, REPEAT, then move to the next super set.)
• Execute each exercise with proper form and control.
• Rep range and number of sets will vary depending on your strength goal.
• For example:
• To achieve muscle mass, perform 8-10 reps/ exercise, 3-4 sets
• For muscle toning, perform 10-15 reps/ exercise, 2-3 sets


SUPER SET 1: Squat Stand

1. Internal/ External Squats
Targets: quads, hamstrings, glutes, inner/ outer thighs

2. Single Leg Squats
Targets: quads, hamstrings, glutes


SUPER SET 2: Squat Stand

3. Bridge Press
Targets: glutes, hamstrings, lower back stabilizers

4. Glute Press
Targets: glutes, hamstrings


SUPER SET 3: no accessory

5. Lateral Lunge
Targets: inner/ outer thighs, glutes

6. Slow & Low Skaters
Targets: quads, inner/ outer thighs, glutes


Be sure to check out the video demo to see how these lower body exercises are performed on your Total Gym to become the STRONGER YOU!

Stay tuned for Part 2, Upper Body Strength, of the Bullet Proof Plan for a Stronger YOU!

Embrace the strength,

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