Bullet Proof Plan for a STRONGER YOU – Part 3: Core

Welcome to the third part of the 5-part series for building consistency and adding strength gains to your workouts. The part 3 strategy focuses on training your muscles efficiently and effectively.

Before we get into the workout details, let's discuss some core concepts, strategies to to keep you focused for success, and review the Bullet Proof Plan to keep you on track!


Strength, power, and all movement stems from the core. OR The core is the foundation of all movement. The core muscles primarily help maintain correct posture and help transfer forces proximally to distally. Developing a strong, stable core helps to prevent injuries and ultimately allows us to perform at our best.


#3 Be Efficient & Consistent

If you want to get stronger, fitter, leaner, and feel better in your skin, but don’t want to spend endless hours in the process, then you need to train with an efficient and consistent plan that maximizes your results.

An efficient training plan focuses on achieving maximum productivity with little wasted effort while maintaining quality of the task. Therefore, prior to a workout, have your plan prepared in order to be efficient with your time. Knowing your plan allows you to be organized, focused, and workout smarter, not harder!

Efficiency will follow consistency. The more consistent you are with a workout regimen, new habits will form, and you will experience the overall health benefits


The bullet proof plan is designed to train a specific muscle group on separate days (a split routine) to achieve a Stronger YOU! The plan is laid out in a 5-part blog series that include muscle specific workouts along with helpful strategies to achieve your goals.

Aim to perform this plan on a 5 day split throughout the week and commit to it for approximately 3-4 weeks to notice improvements.

Here’s the Bullet Proof Plan layout:

Part 1: Legs

Part 2: Upper Body

Part 3: Core

Part 4: Total Body Cardio Strength

Part 5: Active Stretch

Please refer back to the previous blogs if you happened to miss them and start the program from the beginning. Now let’s work that core!!!


Get ready to strengthen your inner core with just 5 challenging moves! Yep- that’s right, a quick and efficient core workout will do the job as long as you are consistent! This workout can be added into any other workout for a core focused challenge.

Accessories: ABCrunch

Set Up:

• Attach ABCrunch Accessory
• Incline will vary depending on the exercise and your strength level


• Perform the following exercises in circuit format. (One after the other with little to no rest until all exercises have been completed, then repeat from the top.)
• Reps: 10-15 / exercise
• Sets: 1-3 depending on your workout time
• Execute with proper form, move with core control, & breathe efficiently.


1. Incline Forearm Hip Dips
2. Incline Crunch Extend

*ABCrunch Accessory*

3. Knee Tucks
4. Side Knee Tuck Pulses (right & left)
5. Back Extensions


Be sure to check out the video demo to see how these core exercises are performed on your Total Gym to become the STRONGER YOU!

Stay tuned for Part 4, Total Body Cardio Strength, of the Bullet Proof Plan for a Stronger YOU!

Embrace the challenge,

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