Cassandra’s Upper Body Workout with Cables

I absolutely love how quickly I move through different exercises using the cables and the range of motion the Total Gym allows. I have gotten amazing results and am sharing my fave upper body exercises using just the cables. I like to move around and work my body from different angles.

Let’s get started!

Choose a level that allows you to keep good form yet challenging while completing all the reps. I am doing 12 reps of each exercise to demonstrate each exercise. These are also great to add to your existing upper body regimen. You can do 1, 2, or 3 sets depending on your fitness goals.

Good luck!

*Kneeling Row


*Triceps Extension

*Upright Row

*Bicep Curl

*Reverse Fly

*Lying Triceps Extension


*Conversion Bicep


*Raising the Roof


*Chuck Norris Pushup

*Overhead Arm Stretch


Awesome job! I hope you worked up a sweat on this one! For more fitness inspiration please follow my Facebook and Instagram at Cassandra’s Total Fitness. Also join the Total Gym family at The Total Gym Addicts Facebook group page.


Cassandra Kurpiel

*This workout was created by a Total Gym user, not a fitness professional.

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