Total Gym Challenge: “The Workouts”

Total Gym Challenge: “The Workouts”


The Total Gym Challenge is an exercise program developed by fitness trainer Rosalie Brown. It consists of 14 workouts in 18 days using The Total Gym. In addition to working out, there is also a nutritional plan you can follow to help ensure you get maximum results. Participants are also encouraged to limit their alcohol and carbohydrate intake during the Challenge as well. Before starting The Challenge or nutritional plan, please consult with a physician. Results may vary.

Some words from Rosalie…

“I developed The Total Gym Challenge with one goal in mind…RESULTS. There are many “Get Fit” quick programs out there but The Total Gym Challenge is a safe all natural way to lose weight and get the body you’ve always wanted. Like anything, the key to success starts with discipline and consistency. Stick to the fitness and nutritional plan and you’ll do great. Congratulations on your decision to achieve better health and fitness!”

(1 x = One Minute Segment)

1. 1 x Jog on Squat Stand


2. 1 x Single Leg Hop Squats Right Leg


3. 1 x Single Leg Hop Squats Left Leg


4. 1x Jog

5. 1 x Single Leg Hamstring Squats (heel press) Right Leg


6. 1 x Single Leg Hamstring Squats (heel press) Left Leg


7. 1x Jog
8. 1 x Tippy Toe Squats (toes on squat stand) Right Leg


9. 1 x Tippy Toe Squats (toes on squat stand) Left Leg


10. 1x Jog
11. 1 x Inner Thigh (turn on your side & squat) Right Leg
12. 1 x Inner Thigh (turn on your side & squat) Left Leg


13. 1 x Jog
14. 1 x Pull Ups ­ Palms Down


15. 1 x Jog
16. 1 x Chin Up ­ Palms Face Up


17. 1 x Jog

18. 1 x Pull Ups ­ Narrow Grip

19. 1 x Jogs

20. 1 x Chin Ups

21. 1 x Jog

Remove Squat Stand!!!

22.1 x Hamstring Curl Ups ­ feet go into pull up bars or wing bar


23. 1 x Full Inverted Sit Ups­ keep feet in pull up bars


24. 1 x Hamstring Curl
25. 1 x Jog or Full Sit Ups or Ab Twist Jog


26. 1 x Shoulder Press


27. 1 x 30 sec Plank or Plank Tuck ­ hands on press up bars, feet on bench


Attach Cables!
8 Reps x Back row


8 Reps x Biceps


8 Reps x Back Row
8 Reps x Straight Arm Triceps Sweep


8 Reps x Biceps
8 Reps x Back Row
8 Reps x Straight Arm Triceps Sweep
8 Reps x Biceps
8 Reps x Back Row
8 Reps x Straight Arm Triceps Sweep
16 Reps ( 8 On Each Side) x Oblique Twist


24 Reps x Chest Presses


24 Reps x Overhead Chest Pull Over


16 Reps (8 On Each Side) x Obliques Twist

Remove cables

2 min Cardio Burst Jog On Squat Stand
Aerobic Ab Twist Jog

Workout Complete!

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  1. Can this be provided in a print-friendly format? Or a DVD to purchase?

  2. All these done everyday for 18 days?

    1. They are five days a week with two days rest.

  3. By any chance do you have the card Numbers in seguence for the excersises for the total gym challenge. I am starting on Monday and I cannot wait!

  4. One more question, about how long should the work out take for each week.

  5. Is there a DVD available for the challenge, please?

  6. I can’t do workouts on my stomach.
    Are there simpler ones for age 80.

      1. We are not baby boomers. We r 80 years old but want to get strength

        1. Hi Marjorie,

          I suggested that DVD as a guideline because it involves low-impact exercises to build a strong foundation for people who are starting to show signs of age. I believe that at 80 years old, almost any exercise plan will benefit you over not having one in place at all, and will coincidentally help you to strengthen your body.

  7. My XLS is on order. Please clarify this point of confusion. Shouldn’t there be 48 hours between strength training any specific area of the body? The challenge has us doing the same workout every day for five days straight for the first two weeks and for four days straight the third week. I know I must be missing something.


    1. Hey there,

      To clarify, this principle is mostly to be followed with intense strength training. When you exercise with strength training, your muscle fibers are actually tearing with each movement. As your intensity with strength training increases, your muscles tear deeper resulting in deeper soreness and prolonged muscle fatigue (thus the 48 hour rule).

      The focus of the Total Gym Challenge is weight loss through timed cardio-based activity and calories burned, not the weight lifted or repetitions completed. This means your muscles shouldn’t be tearing as deep and shouldn’t be as fatigued compared to a strength-based training routine. Either style of workout can be achieved on the Total Gym, but the Total Gym Challenge is not a strength-based workout.

      1. Thank you! I appreciate the explanation. I am excited about receiving my new Total Gym. I will be doing the challenge.
        Thanks again. 🙂

  8. Oh, one more question. So would it be okay to add in actual strength training in addition to the challenge workouts? Thanks.

    1. No problem! Yes, you could incorporate strength training into the Challenge workout, but I would extend the overall program length. Maybe 3 days of the challenge and 2 days of strength training alternating? So Mon, Wed, Friday you would do the challenge, and Tues/Thurs you could do something like the Chest, Back, Abs training series we are putting out now (currently 2 of 4 weeks are published).

      This would push your overall program length to around 5 weeks, but could be a great way to keep things fresh and not doing the same workout every day.

  9. Hi. Do you recommend this entire sequence all at once 5 days in a row w 2 days rest? For some reason I thought there were multiple parts to this. Thanks

  10. Regarding your response dated 2/16/16, where do we find the Chest, Back, Abs series you mentioned? I have had my TG for over a year collecting dust, and find this challenge to be exciting. I have been diagnosed with Prediabetes and am learning the benefits of regular exercise. I do not want my AIC # to increase, and I trust that this will help me tremendously. I love the photos of Before and Afters, all the different ages and body types. What do I have to lose? Hopefully some inches and some pounds. I need the encouragement. So glad that this is offered for free, just by printing out. I have a Tabatha timer app and I just need to DO IT. Thank you for all this info, there are so many of us who struggle to get motivated. Too embarrassed to even take a photo.

    1. There is a search function within the blog. Search for: “Total Body Transformation: Chest, Abs and Back”.

  11. What do you continue with after the 14 days? Also, is there a nutrition program to follow with the 14 day challenge?

    1. The nutrition guide can be found on this page:

      After the 14 workouts, you can move on to one of our other Total Gym workout series’, or just continue to do the Total Gym Challenge. Maybe throw in some new exercises, or take half of the workout and switch with the other. There are a lot of ways to keep things fresh.

  12. I have the Total Gym XLS and just recently purchased the Total Gym Challenge DVD. I know the program was done on the Total Gym Fit which has different level settings then I have on my Total Gym. Usually I do my upper body on level 3, I have not been able to progress to a higher level, and the squats on level 5. Since this a cardio workout with 1 minute intervals, any guidance on how to progress without having to change levels, which would defeat the purpose of this workout? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I doubt the 30 seconds/minute it takes to change levels is really that detrimental to your workout. If you feel that way, however, you could try lessening your rep-range on the upper body portion to raise the level to level 5 and gradually add more reps until you’re back to the normal range again.

  13. Having Lupus/joint issues with 3 knee surgeries makes it tough to do the jog portion of workout. I am only about 10 pounds over weight but I really need to tone and get stronger. Any suggestions to replace the jog exercises? I can do all of the others.

  14. Also, I would love to participate in a challenge and do before and after photos as motivation. How do I get started?

  15. Do you have the nutritional plan anywhere for download? I have the video which I downloaded from you. Looking forward to doing the challenge but want to do it right.

  16. Just would like to know the average calories burn when doing the exercise thank you.

  17. I have an older Total Gym. I’ve used it before with great results. I’ve since gained a lot of weight (my own fault) and want to get back to using my Total Gym on a regular basis again. I’d like to try this challenge but this one did not come with the platform to jog in place. Is there a different exercise that I can do instead?

    1. You could do a standing jog or jumping jacks as a substitution.

  18. Hi there,
    Is it the same video/ workout for all 14 days?

    1. Yes, repeat five days a week with two days rest, so 18 days total.

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