The Gym That NEVER Closes

The Gym That NEVER Closes

In a world where many gyms are open most days of the year and some 24/7, there is still only one that is guaranteed NEVER to close on you: The Total Gym. Today on Total Gym Pulse we are joined once again by fitness enthusiast and long time Total Gym user Mike “The FAT Guy” Campbell to tell us one of his favorite things about the Total Gym. For those of you who don’t know Mike’s story, Mike was able to lose 150 pounds in one year using the Total Gym!

The Total Gym never closes!

Mike says he loves the fact that this gym never closes. The only time it closes he says is when he folds it up and puts it against the wall. Mike says he doesn’t have to worry about driving to the gym, driving home from the gym, waiting for machines and going from station to station. The only station Mike has to worry about is his Total Gym. During Mike’s fitness journey he says he’s belonged to gyms that he never went to, others that have closed on him and others with odd hours. But the Total Gym is ready when Mike’s ready and he never has to wait to use it. Therefore, the Total Gym is the gym that NEVER closes. It is there for Mike, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!


If you would like access to a gym that never closes, visit Total Gym to view and purchase from a wide selection of Total Gym models. We would like to thank Mike for joining us on Total Gym Pulse. If you have any questions for Mike or about the Total Gym please leave it in the comment section below. Look out for more from Mike and many others coming soon!

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