Check out Total Gym on the Rachael Ray Show!

Check out Total Gym® on the Rachael Ray Show!


Airing today, Wednesday January 7, 2015 on the Rachael Ray Show, Rachael Ray and guest Alexa Von Tobel, author of Financially Fearless, highlight the best New Year Shopping Bargains. Of those that made the cut…Total Gym!

With over 4 million customers worldwide, Total Gym has helped millions reach their fitness goals with best-selling models like the Total Gym XLS and top-of-the line Total Gym FIT. Von Tobel notes that January is a great time to shop for fitness equipment and that “now is the perfect time to buy the Total Gym FIT.”

Click here to watch a video clip from today’s Rachael Ray Show.

Total Gym targets ALL major muscle groups with just ONE workout. Resistance training, cardio training and stretching – everything the body needs, with over 80 exercises, on one machine. Individuals can get a total body workout in as little as 10 to 20 minutes a day, making Total Gym at-home workouts more efficient and effective. Now is a great time to invest in your health & fitness!

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  1. they gave Total Gym fits too all the people in Rachel Rays audience. But if you are not in attendance then you dont get one. When shows like that give away great merchandise like this they should have a contest on their site. That way a viewer at home could win something too.

  2. Would love to get some free stuff from Total Gym- for my Total Gym Ultima. I’ll take a fee training session with chuck Norris 😉 or a fit deck with holder would be a close second. Congrats to those who are getting one. We can’t all be winners.

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