How To Stay Glamorous from Gym To Work

Easy Tips to Stay Glamorous from Gym to Work

What working woman hasn’t used the excuse of not wanting to mess up her hair and makeup in order to skip exercising on her lunch break? We asked professional beauty consultants if it was possible to sweat it up and still look fabulous at your desk an hour later. They shared some terrific secrets for everything from hair to skin to clothes. So go ahead and hit the gym—armed with these fashion tips and beauty shortcuts you’ll be the envy of the office, whether you squeeze in a morning workout or take a lunchtime hike.


Makeup Magic

On the days you schedule your workouts, makeup artist and cosmetologist, Katherine Karidis, recommends using products that are easy to apply and creating a regimen that’s simple.


  1. Start with a moisturizer/primer combo in the morning.
  1. Then use your concealer to lighten the center parts of the face (you could skip this step if you’re short on time).
  1. If you have uneven skin tone, foundation and a powder blush will provide smooth coverage. She likes Magic Hour Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation, which goes on easily and allows you to skip separate foundation and powder application. Powder blush or tinted Beauty Balm cream work well too as a finish.
  1. Do your eyes with Blink mascara which dries on each eyelash like a tube and won’t make a smudgy mess when you sweat. Another waterproof eye makeup option is lash extensions. “Surfers and athletes swear by them,” says Karidis.
  1. Waterproof eye makeup should include eyebrow balm (if needed), gel eyeliner and 24-hour stay-put powder-to-cream eye shadow.
  1. Finish with a gel lip liner by Magic Hour and a lip tint, which should stay put. If you find that tints dry out your lips, use lipstick or lip gloss and keep it in place with invisible gel liner.


Independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay®, Cassy Barry, advises that you could also use a finishing spray to set your makeup so it doesn’t run when you do. After you exercise, if you haven’t sweated your foundation off, you can use white translucent powder to absorb oil or use beauty blotter paper. And if you don’t have time to wash your face, mineral powder creates a “buildable coverage.” But it’s never a good idea to avoid washing your face if you’ve been sweating a lot or if you’ve been in a dusty outdoor environment.

When you finish at the gym, if you’ve had a sweaty session, remove all face makeup except for eyes. Reapply your moisturizer/primer combo, the liquid-powder foundation and blush. Touch up your lips and off you go.


Hair to Stay

Sweaty, oily hair is a thing of the past now that dry shampoo has been reformulated. Lindsay Barrios of Cleo Hair Salon in Oak Park, California, recommends applying dry shampoo after using a hair dryer on sweaty hair. She likes the scent of Trinity Dry Shampoo by Surface or Redken Pillow Proof. Stylist Stephanie Hodges, agrees. “It works well for fine, straight hair or curly hair. You can also use a dry conditioner, such as Purology’s® Fresh Approach Dry Condition, on the mid-lengths to ends of your hair to help de-odorize and tame frizz.”


As for styles that function well from office to gym and back again, every stylist’s go-to is the French braid, especially if you have long hair. “Get rid of the claw clip and boring pony tail,” says Hodges. Use Curvaceous Ringlet Lotion by Redken® and then double French braid your hair before working out. Dry it with a dryer after sweating and take it down for an intense wavy do. For a more formal look, an upside down French braid ending in a messy bun on the top of the head works well. Also milkmaid braids hide sweaty hair and look fresh.


If you don’t have time to dry your bangs, twist or braid them to the side and secure with bobby pins. Big messy buns for damp hair are acceptable in many work places. Add texture to a bun by braiding a ponytail and putting it up. If you have short hair, just wash, apply mousse and scrunch by hand.


For those who don’t have the dexterity to French braid and must rely on the old ponytail, you can dress it up by stacking two or more ponytails. And ALWAYS wrap the elastic with a piece of hair taken from underneath the ponytail. See the Sam Villa tutorial on YouTube for a quick, easy tip on how to hide the elastic using a u-shaped bobby pin. According to Barrios, “Every gym bag should have a headband (circular or half circle), a few hair elastics and bobby pins.”


Work Clothes that Work Out

Want to save time in the locker room? Go ahead and wear your workout clothes to work. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics® line and Athleta® offer gym-goers many more options than leggings and tank tops for polished looks that segue from cubicle to Pilates class and back. The key to comfort is wicking fabrics that stretch. Pockets and zippers add styling that steps out of the casual zone.


For tennis or Zumba, try the Fabletics Amara skirt, in black or white, paired with a pretty bra top or tank underneath a variety of pullovers or tees such as the Fabletics Ginger pullover, Neema top or Storm long sleeve top. If your workplace frowns on leggings, look for workout pants that have pockets and zippers like the Athleta Trekkie and Fusion pants. Athleta’s Shasta pant with urban styling and full stretch fabric cinches to three different lengths for an easy transition from trail to desk. Jeans-styled Bettona jeggings from Athleta are stretchy, comfortable and sleek. Pair these with the Soft Tech dress made from a washable wool blend for a cozy look that goes from yoga to the boardroom seamlessly. And the Bettona is also available as a classic bootcut pant for a more formal look that still moves well.


If you engage in a particularly grueling training session, make sure to bring a change of clothes. Wicking action is great, but consider your work mates’ olfactory senses. Wash your gym clothes if they’re wet and stay glamorous!

Jodai Saremi

Jodai Saremi, DPM, BS , is a freelance writer, AFAA certified trainer, and fitness model. She has written for American Fitness, SPIN fitness, Your Health Connection magazines, and other online publications. Her articles have also been featured in textbooks. She enjoys an active lifestyle and lives in Ventura County, Calif. with her husband and two children.

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