3 Simple Total Gym Exercises with Chuck Norris

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3 Simple Total Gym Exercises with Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris returns to Total Gym Pulse to show us a simple workout using three easy exercises on The Total Gym. Chuck has been using The Total Gym for decades and credits it for helping overcome a rotator cuff injury early on in his career.


The first exercise Chuck demonstrates is an overhead pull. Do this by lying on your back with the cables above your head and pull them down to waist level. This will work your triceps, shoulders, forearms and wrists.


From there, Chuck transitions into the next exercise that focuses on the triceps. Bring both cables to about waist level and pull in and out.


Finally, Chuck focuses on an exercise to work the chest. Sit straight up on the glide board of the Total Gym and push both cables outward. Chuck points out that not only are you working out your upper body, but you are also working your abs at the same time.

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We would like to thank Chuck Norris for joining us on Total Gym Pulse and for his continued efforts to inspire the people. Look for more blog posts from Chuck soon. Stay Healthy!

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