5-Week Bikini Boot Camp: Week 5

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Bikini Boot Camp Week 5 Focus: Full Body Workout

Ok Bikini Boot Campers! Get ready to shred, tone & sculpt your body with my 5-week Bikini Boot Camp Series! This is the home stretch of the program to get your best curves and cuts for that teeny two-piece!

You should be about ready to flaunt your smoking hot bikini body for the summer season! You’ve been training hard, eating the right foods, and conditioning your mind positively in the process! These past four weeks have conditioned your mind with confidence, your body with toned muscles, and your spirit with an empowered feeling!

The Bikini Boot Camp program focuses on specific goals each week and builds upon the previous weeks’ workouts. Ultimately, if you complete the five-week plan as directed, eat a clean/healthy diet, and challenge your body as the weeks progress, I am certain that you will have made some positive changes for your body and will gain self-confidence in the process!

This is the 5th and final week of the program; so if you’re just joining in now, refer to Week 1 for the full program details.

Tips For Continual Weight loss Progress

Perhaps you’re on track and seeing progress. If so, continue what you’re doing and keep challenging yourself! If you’re NOT getting the results you want and you’re putting so much time and effort into each days diet and exercise, that can be a let down and quite frustrating. Here are some motivational tips to help steer you back on track and realize the missing link you may need!

  • Never Give Up: The scale may not budge and a glance in the mirror may be troubling, but no matter what – you cannot give up! Goals will never be reached if you quit! Keep eating healthy foods and exercise daily; your body may be adapting to the stimulus and may take more time to make the changes! All body types adapt to change differently.
  • Patient & Positive: Be patient & positive with the efforts you put in each day.  Sometimes the hard work you put in shows up the following week in your performance or in your appearance!
  • Be Realistic: Make goals that are obtainable. Physical change doesn’t just occur over night, so be realistic with your approach and have a dedicated plan to follow.
  • Stay Focused & On Track: Try not to let external distractions steer you off the path such as a poor eating day, a happy hour, or skimping on your workout for a day. If ‘life happened,’ get right back on track the next day and continue where you left off!
  • Your Reason Why: The “why” is one of the best reasons to keep you motived when you get frustrated and want to stop. Think of diet, exercises, and your goals as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Re-evaluate Your Goals: If what you’re doing is working, then stay the course and continue with it. If you’re not satisfied and something just isn’t right, then listen to your body, re-evaluate your goals, and make changes.
  • No Excuses: Stop making excuses! You have the choice to make yourself and your goals a priority. It takes willpower to stay away from bad foods, inner strength to make good choices, along with dedication & commitment to make your exercise a priority daily. NO excuses just do it, now!       


The ‘Bikini Boot Camp’ is based on a 5-week schedule consisting of:

  • Week 1: Upper Body & Cardio
  • Week 2: Core & Cardio
  • Week 3: Lower Body & Cardio
  • Week 4: Pilates & Cardio
  • Week 5: Full Body Workout

*Each week, there will be a new post that contains the workout schedule, set exercises, and accompanying video for that week’s specific focus.
*During the 5-week series, the workouts will build upon the previous weeks routine. So learn them well!


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 *Please perform your choice of Cardio & Core exercises for days 6.



The 5th week focuses on a full body routine. You will perform the workout provided during 3 days and alternate it with the workouts from week 2 & week 4.

  • All exercises will be performed in Circuit format: 10-15 reps, 2-3 sets
  • During the 1st Full Body day, perform the first 7 ex. + Core Finisher
  • The 2nd Full Body day, perform the next 7 ex. + Core Finisher
  • The 3rd Full Body day, perform the entire list of 15 exercises 1-2 sets. 

Bikini Boot Camp Focus: Full Body

Instructions: Perform the Bikini Boot Camp Series in circuit format for each workout (one exercise after the other with little to no rest between each movement). Each movement is listed on the exercise list/ schedule and will show you when to repeat the sequence!

  • Follow the workout schedule provided each day.
  • Aim to perform this strength workout on 3 non-consecutive days.
  • Day 1: perform the first 7 Full Body exercises +Core Finisher
  • Day 2: perform ALL Pilates & Cardio exercises 1-2 sets.
  • Day 3: perform the next 7 Full Body exercises +Core Finisher
  • Day 4: perform ALL Core & Cardio exercises 1-2 sets.
  • Day 5: perform ALL 15 Full Body exercises 1-2 sets
  • Day 6: perform 30-60 min of Cardio & Core movements of your choice.
  • Equipment Needed: Total Gym/ AbCrunch, Hand Weights, Small Play Ball

FULL BODY ROUTINE: Perform each exercise 10-15 Reps. Repeat 2-3x through depending on your fitness level and workout time.

Low-Med Level:

  1. Squat & Over Head Press (weights)
  2. Lateral Lunge / Side Arm Raises (weights)
  3. Reverse Lunge / Triceps Raises (weights)
  4. Lunge Drops (weights)
  5. Connect Cable

  6. High / Low Flies (Seated / Adv. Kneeling)
  7. Frog Jumps (weights)
  8. Disconnect Cable

  9. Plank Walk Ups (Adv. + Push-Up)
  10. Curtsey / Lateral Lunge (weights)
  11. Squat & Bicep Pulses (weights & Small Ball)
  12. Bridge Press (Small Ball)
  13. Connect Cable

  14. High/ Low Chest Press (Seated / Adv. Kneeling)
  15. 3 Incline Crunches & Extension (Cables & Small Ball)
  16. Dribble Jack Squats (Small Ball / Adv. Medicine Ball)
  17. Disconnect Cable

  18. Side Plank / Reach & Pull (Adv. Push-Up)
  19. Attach AbCrunch Accessory

  20. Core Finisher: Front & Side Knee Pulses

STRETCHES: Cool-down with light cardio and/or simple flexibility movements to recover your muscles. Hold each stretch 10-30 seconds.

Please refer to the accompanying video to see how the exercises are performed.

NOTE: I suggest you take a moment to learn the exercises prior to beginning.

Just because this 5-week series has come to an end, it does not mean you can slack off or quit! Keep going strong by repeating this whole series over again, or use the specific workouts interchangeably with other programs!

Now get ready to drop that towel with confidence while feeling great baring your hot body in a two-piece suit this season!

Good luck with accomplishing your goals.

Best Always,



Maria Sollon

Maria Sollon Scally MS, CSCS holds a Master’s Degree in Performance Enhancement/Injury Prevention and Kinesiology. She has obtained numerous certifications in various areas of fitness and is a national conference presenter. Maria specializes in Pilates, Performance Coaching, and Corrective Exercise Techniques and Kettlebells. She is the creator of the Plyo Pilates Method and has developed a series of amazing workout DVDs. She is a Master Trainer for Total Gym, Resist-a-Ball, Body Blade, Peak Pilates, Kettle Bell Concepts and is a freelance writer for Fitness accredited magazines, newsletters, and fitness blog sites. Maria demonstrates her knowledge each day and uses her dynamic creativity throughout her specialized line of work. http://www.groovysweat.com http://www.groovysweatstore.com (purchasable workout videos) http://www.youtube.com/groovysweat (workout clips)

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  1. Awesome tips as always! I’d like to add that for losing fat, you need to eat at a deficit, but for gaining muscle, you need to eat at a surplus.you can do both at the same time contrary to popular belief. But your body doesn’t really need that much extra calorie to build muscle. It is about 100 calories at most. For gaining muscle and losing fat, you really just need to eat at your maintenance or maybe 100 calorie above your maintenance and make sure you are taking in enough protein. Of course you need to lift very heavy in the gym (go to failure in every set), then you will definitely see muscle gain and fat loss. It will be slower than if you are at a 500 calorie surplus, but when you gain muscle fast, you might gain a bit of fat nothing to worry about though. You need to also get into a routine I can’t stress this enough! be consistent!

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