How To Get A Great Butt

How To Get A Great Butt

How to get a great butt is the topic personal trainer Tiffany Savion answers for us today on Total Gym Pulse using The Total Gym home exercise machine.


To begin this workout, Tiffany says to start in the squatting position on The Total Gym. Place your feet either lower or higher on the squat stand depending on your personal comfort level. From here go into a basic squat with your feet about hip width apart. Make sure your abs are in nice and tight with your shoulders down away from the ears staying relaxed. Squat up and down gently keeping your movements smooth while squeezing your quads and glutes the entire time.


Next, Tiffany moves to a one legged squat by centering one foot and lifting the other straight in the air. The movement is the exactly like the previous exercise except now you are only using one foot. Again, be sure to engage your abs while pressing the back against the board of The Total Gym to ensure the best results. Staying low in the single leg squat position, Tiffany then shows us another exercise by lowering and lifting the other leg. This will start to fire up the glutes, the quads and the hamstrings getting the entire area around the buttocks involved. Be sure to switch positions on both one legged exercises to work both legs.


Finally, Tiffany ends the workout by showing us how to get the core involved. Staying in the same one legged position, lift your free leg outward. The most important thing in this exercise is to keep your hips square to the sky. Continue to press your back in to the board keeping your entire body stabilized. Not only will you be working your legs, but you will also feel the burn in your core and obliques. After working one leg, switch positions and work the other. For those with advanced flexibility you can extend your leg even farther outward but be sure to keep your hips square to the sky with your back completely grounded to the board as mentioned earlier.

We would like to thank Tiffany Savion for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. If you would like to learn more about The Total Gym so you can do a workout like you saw today please visit us at Total Gym Direct. Look out for more great workouts coming from Tiffany soon!

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