Incredible Upper Body Workout

Incredible Upper Body Workout

Incredible Upper Body Workout

Fitness trainer John Peel joins us once again today on Total Gym Pulse to bring us his incredible upper body burnout workout using The Total Gym. This workout consisting of four different exercises working four different body parts with thirty seconds for each movement.



The first exercise John demonstrates in this series is the pull up. Lay flat on your stomach on the glideboard of The Total Gym and have both cables in hand. Make sure to keep your elbows wide and squeeze your back as you pull yourself up. This is the same motion as a regular pull up and you can modify the intensity of the exercise by moving the level either up and down. Do this exercise for thirty second with no rest.





Staying in the same position, John moves to the triceps. Keep your elbows tucked in tight and push your arms straight back. Again, do this for thirty seconds before moving on to the next exercise.




John then lets go of the cables and works his way into a pushup position. Do this by placing both hands on the glide board of The Total Gym and place your feet firmly on the squat stand. You can also modify this by placing your knees on the board as long as you make sure to stay moving for the entire thirty seconds.




Finally, John concludes the workout by grabbing the handles to work the biceps. Lean back, palms up and keep your abs engaged as you start a curling movement by bringing your palms all the way to your face. Do this for thirty seconds and rest thirty seconds before starting the entire cycle over again.


We would like to thank John Peel for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. Look out for more great Total Gym workouts with John coming soon!

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