New Year Total Body Challenge – Week 2 – Legs Day


Now that the holiday roller coaster has ended, it’s time to focus on your health for the New Year.  If getting into better shape is at the top of your New Year Resolution list, then get motivated and take action to make it happen.


I have developed a 5-week total body challenge that will help you get into better shape as well as to feel and look great!  Before we go over the workout details, let’s get motivated and inspired to make success happen….



Here are some helpful motivational tips to guide your mind and body into the right plan of action so that you can achieve success.

  1. Take time to reflect on what really matters to you.
  2. Make a list.
  3. Writing down goals or making a list of things you want to accomplish is motivation in itself.  It helps to physically see what is important to you and in turn it will help you work towards accomplishing those things.

  4. Experiment with food.
  5. Preparing meals can be simple, fun, and save you extra calories when you know what you’re actually eating.  Choose foods that you love and experiment with different preparation methods to add variety to your diet.

  6. Buddy up.
  7. Having someone team up with you to reach a goal makes you accountable, it’s motivating, and it can push you when you need the extra challenge.

  8. Join a Group.
  9. Being part of a group keeps you looking forward to something, builds a social network of like interest, and can be fun to accomplish something with others!


Now that you have a few motivating tips to think about, lets go over the workout plan that will get you moving!




Now is the time to take on a 5-week progressive total body challenge!  The workouts are targeted to focus on a specific muscle group each week and will build upon the previous weeks. By the end of the challenge, you will have many exercises to add to your routine and you will have achieved progressive strength throughout your entire body.



To make planning your workouts simple, I have created a workout calendar for you to follow and keep on the right track each day of the 5 weeks.  Print it, pin it, save it, and love sweating to it!  Here is a link to the 5-week calendar.


This is the second week of the challenge; so if you are just joining in now, please refer to week 1’s blog and video post. This week’s focus is on your legs!




Goal: The New Years Challenge is a 5-week series that focuses on total body strength to tone, define, and condition your body from post-holiday festivities.

Frequency: 3 total strength days

  • 2 non-consecutive leg workout days
  • Week 1’s arm workout

Reps & Sets: 10 Reps, 2 sets in circuit format



  • Perform the legs workout on 2 non-consecutive days along with the arms workout from week 1 on a third day.
  • To keep your muscles guessing, perform the legs exercises listed in order: 1-5 on the first workout day. On the second legs workout day, perform exercises listed in reverse: 5-1.
  • Perform your own dynamic warm-up and cool down stretches.
  • Include other workouts that you are familiar with during the week that target your fitness goals; such as cardio, yoga, stretching, etc.


Adjust the incline to challenge your strength level.



  1. Side Lying Squat Leg Lift
  • Lie facing one side of the glide board with one foot positioned at the bottom of the squat stand and the opposite leg extended over top.
  • Perform a single leg squat. Once the leg is extended, lift the opposite leg to the side to work the outer thigh.
  • Press the weight through the heel of the foot to protect the knees.
  • The higher the incline, the harder the challenge.
  • Perform on both sides.
  1. Squat Leg Extension (on GB)
  • Face away from the tower and place the inside leg on the glide board to start.
  • Step up onto the glide board while simultaneously extending the opposite leg straight behind to work the glutes.
  • Focus on an object to keep balance.
  • The higher the incline, the harder the challenge.
  • Perform on both sides.


  1. Reverse Lunge Pulse
  • Stand at the bottom base facing away from the tower. Place one foot onto the glide board and open it slightly.
  • Perform a reverse lunge, pulse down 2xs, then stand to repeat.
  • Be sure to keep the knees in line with the toes, distribute the weight equally on both legs and focus on an object to keep your balance.
  1. Lunge Repeaters
  • Stand at the bottom base facing away from the tower. Place one foot onto the glide board and open it slightly. (same set up as previous exercise)
  • Perform a reverse lunge and stay at the lowest point for repeaters.
  • Place the weight into the heel of the supporting leg as you move the glide board up and down the rails.
  • Perform on both sides.
  1. Hamstring Pulls
  • Lie supine on the floor at the base and place the heels on the glide board.
  • For proper positioning, extend the arms to touch the base.
  • Keep the glide board closed as you lift the hips up into a bridge position to form a straight line from the knees to the shoulders.
  • Keep the bridge position as you extend and bend the knees.
  • ADVANCED: Keep the knees touching with one leg extended to perform a single leg hamstring pull.

POST WORKOUT STRETCH: End your workout with a few minutes of stretching or foam rolling to lengthen the muscles worked and to prevent soreness.

Refer to the video for exercise demonstrations.


Use this chart as a planned workout schedule to follow for week 2’s challenge. The cardio listed is just a guide to help keep you moving in a fat burning mode and on a set schedule.  Please feel free to do other activities on these days.  The key is to remain active daily.


Before long, you will be back into a regular routine.  If you manage your time and set realistic goals for yourself, you will be able to celebrate your ongoing commitment to your health, your fitness, and your new beginning of this New Year.


Good Luck this week.  Stay tuned for week 3’s core workout challenge.




Maria Sollon

Maria Sollon Scally MS, CSCS holds a Master’s Degree in Performance Enhancement/Injury Prevention and Kinesiology. She has obtained numerous certifications in various areas of fitness and is a national conference presenter. Maria specializes in Pilates, Performance Coaching, and Corrective Exercise Techniques and Kettlebells. She is the creator of the Plyo Pilates Method and has developed a series of amazing workout DVDs. She is a Master Trainer for Total Gym, Resist-a-Ball, Body Blade, Peak Pilates, Kettle Bell Concepts and is a freelance writer for Fitness accredited magazines, newsletters, and fitness blog sites. Maria demonstrates her knowledge each day and uses her dynamic creativity throughout her specialized line of work. (purchasable workout videos) (workout clips)

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