Total Gym Cardio Blast Workouts

Integrate Cardio Into a Total Gym Workout

The benefits of regular cardio workouts are vast. It is essential to help you torch calories, burn fat, lose weight, lower blood pressure and to reduce stress. Beyond the well-documented benefits, a consistent cardio workout has several hidden benefits such as improving muscle endurance, better brain function and improved sleep quality.

Here are three ways you can use your Total Gym to pump up your cardio. Check out the video for more.

Plyometric Jumps

Plyometric jumps are a favorite of my personal training clients. It gives you an awesome cardio blast and is great for strengthening your bones, legs and butt muscles. Jumping on the Total Gym with the squat stand accessory is fun and safe for all skill levels, because the spine is safely supported on the glide board and you can always choose your own resistance level.

Muscle Endurance Training

An effective way to get a strong cardio burn is by working out your upper body. Doing high repetitions (with lighter weights) in quick explosive moves will get your heart rate up while toning and improving the endurance of your muscles. It’s important to maintain a good pace with proper form and an appropriate resistance during this kind of training. Overlooking any of these can lead to injury.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is the amazing when it comes to all the benefits of cardiovascular training. Here is a great way to incorporate it: Get on your Total Gym and do an exercise, then jump off and get your heart rate up by jumping rope, doing leg lunges, burpees, jumping jacks, or something else you enjoy for 30 seconds. Then go back to an exercise on your Total Gym. You’ll get a great, multi-tasking workout with double the benefits in half the time.

Check out the video for more details. Remember that although sometimes you won’t feel like doing your cardio workout, you will always be happier that you did!

JayDee Cutting III, MBA

JayDee Cutting III, MBA is an Educator for the American Council On Exercise and holds 12 fitness certifications including Pilates, yoga, personal training, lifestyle and weight management. JayDee is a Total Gym master trainer and spokesmodel since 2004. He lectured and taught wellness at Rancho La Puerta Fitness Spa and is featured in over 10 fitness DVDs and over 40 fitness television programs. He developed his own Coregolf Fitness Program and founded the NiceDogYoga Company. His mission statement is: “My passion is inspiring people to enhance their lives through wellness, creating healthier, happier, higher qualities of life.”

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