5 Minutes “Back Fat” Workout


5 Minutes Trouble Zone Workout: Back Fat.


Muffin top, spare tire, love handles! Men and women alike are prone to this unsightly bulging back fat that can be the source of much angst and frustration.


The common causes of back fat are a lack of physical activity, poor diet and nutrition, and not enough cardio or load bearing exercise. Other causes may be increased cortisol levels, an over production of insulin, hormone imbalances and thyroid issues. If you are concerned about the latter, a trip to your family MD might be in order.


On the flip side if you’ve been sitting on your couch watching infomercials and waiting for the magic to happen you may want to try this recipe to help battle the bulge, whittle your waist and flatten that spare tire.


1/3 Cup of Nutrition


Practicing a well-balanced and nutritious diet plan is key to reducing body fat. Eliminate simple sugars and foods with a high glycemic index such as soda, fruit juices, pasta, rice and bread. These foods offer little nutritional value and can be a major contributor to weight gain. Design your meals with a healthy balance of lean protein, green veggies and a moderate amount of healthy fat, such as coconut oil or avocado. A well balanced meal like this is full of the nutrients your body needs to burn fuel efficiently and boost your metabolism.


1/3 Cup of Strength Training


There is no such thing as spot reducing, but you can definitely target specific areas to sculpt and tone. And there are side benefits to strengthening the muscles in your back. Who doesn’t want improved posture and a strong core as well?

Strength Workout:

  • Side Bends
  • Swimmers
  • Torso Rotation
  • Repeat 3 sets of 15-20 reps per exercise daily!

1/3 Cup of Cardio


When it comes to our bodies we need to turn them into fat burning machines. Why? Because the only way you (and others) are going to be able to admire those sleek, sexy muscles that you’ve earned with all of your hard work and healthy eating is to melt the fat away with some good old fashioned cardio. So hop on a treadmill, join a cycling class or get cardio kickboxing, get that heart rate up and start melting.

Dejinira Lee

Dejinira Lee has been an ACE certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and nutrition specialist since 1997. She received her education from UCLA’s specialized Fitness & Nutrition program and Tuft’s University for Total Nutrition. Dejinira is also a Total Gym GRAVITY Trainer, BOSU Master Trainer Levels I and II, and an ACE trained Clinical Exercise Specialist. She currently works with golfers, instructors and regular clients of all fitness levels, in both a Virtual and Studio setting, focusing on improving strength, range of motion, balance and agility. “I love meeting the different needs of my clients! It keeps my mind active and inspires me to keep learning. There’s no better feeling than hearing my clients say “I can’t believe I did that!”

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