5 Healthy Hacks to Keep Your Nutrition on Point

5 Healthy Hacks to Keep Your Nutrition on Point

If there is one thing that always seems to sabotage our healthy eating, it’s time! Yes, everything goes great when we can make nutrition our number 1 priority, but what happens when life gets in the way? Here are a few ways to save time, money and your health.

Drink 8oz. of Water Before Your Feet Hit the Ground

It is estimated that over 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Minor symptoms can include brain fog, bloating and fine lines/wrinkles. However, most of us push past thirst in the morning and go straight for our beloved coffee. Leave an 8oz. glass of water next to your bed and commit to drinking it every morning before your feet even hit the ground. You will start your day with a healthy habit and it is a small but powerful step towards better health.

Switch to Smaller Plates

Whether it is a result of the clean plate club or mindless eating, we feel very committed to our food once it hits our plate. Switch out your dinner plates for the smaller salad plate and you can reduce your total caloric intake by up to 20% without even noticing.

Become Best Friends with Your Freezer

IMHO, the freezer is the most underutilized kitchen tool. Cooking can be time consuming and, honestly, a bit of a pain.  So, if you are going to put effort into cooking you should really get multiple meals out of it. Every time you cook, make enough for at least two meals and freeze half. By the time the holiday season comes around and our motivation and time are at an all-time low you will have a freezer full of premade meals. You can also kick it up a notch and try your hand at one of these 19 Healthy Freezer bag Meals.

Make Your Smoothies Two at a Time

Smoothies will stay good in your refrigerator for up to 3 days so I like to make them two at a time. Now it is important to note that it will separate and look a little gross.  However, if you close your eyes and shake it up you won’t be able to tell the difference!  I like to use these Aquasana Water Bottles for my smoothies.

Learn How to Store Your Fruits & Veggies

The thing about healthy food is that it only works if you eat it! So, if you spend a ton of money at the store of fresh fruit and veggies only to have them go bad, you’re not doing anyone any good. Check out this great infographic from PaleoHacks for proper storage:

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Tara Coleman

Tara Coleman is a Clinical Nutritionist with a private practice in San Diego, CA. She speaks nationally on the topics of health and nutrition and has been cited as a nutrition expert by media such as NBC, FOX, SELF, Cosmopolitan and Dr. Oz The Good Life. Download her FREE 4 Step Nutrition Quick Start Guide and start feeling better today!

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