GRAVITY Studio—Bringing Years of Total Gym Values

Introducing GRAVITY : A Total Gym Studio®

It always boggles my mind how we lucked into such a great product with so many triumphant stories and loyal customers. We get new letters every day from people who credit Total Gym with everything from “saving my life” to “being in better shape now than in my 20s”.

We are blessed. There have been over 4 million Total Gym home customers since 1996 and our studies show 76% of you use and love your Total Gym years later! But it’s not enough. Tom, my husband of 40 years and Total Gym founder, said from the beginning that he wanted everyone to have the opportunity to experience the benefits of Total Gym gravity training. This has been his passion and dream since 1974.

Body Weight Training Is The #1 Fitness Trend

Total Gym helped to create the culture of functional fitness that is today the hallmark of movement training programs—the best of it on Total Gym in your home and in other workout centers. We have been pioneers in functional fitness since the beginning. The notion that your body moves with and against Earth’s
gravitational force seems obvious today, but when we first began it was novel and innovative. The same principal of functional fitness prevails today, because it works. Your body is designed to support and power your activity and your movement for a lifetime. Total Gym isn’t so much about building muscle, which happens with any exercise. It’s more about training movement. It’s about living.

Group Exercise Classes Are Kicking It In The Studio Environment

We realized that we had a problem; Total Gym wasn’t accessible enough. We had to go further, think out of the box and raise our own bar. What about the people who can’t buy a Total Gym? What about the people who don’t have the room for it? We needed something truly community oriented. We needed to create a space where everyone can do gravity training on Total Gym Equipment in a supervised personal way. The answer was Total Gym GRAVITY Studio.

People love the camaraderie, encouragement, and individual attention of classes. Since 2003, we have found that GRAVITY customers stick with it, just like our Total Gym home exercisers. Yet, while many large health clubs and workout centers offer group fitness classes on Total Gym machines, more and more we see that club goers are trending toward a richer personalized experience in a more intimate class environment. So GRAVITY: A Total Gym Studio made sense.


Joy CampanaroJoy Campanaro has spent 40 years creating the brand and message of Total Gym. Throughout her tenure with the company she has directed marketing, advertising, events and education and has served as the Creative Director for the Total Gym brand. She is a motivational speaker and meeting facilitator. She is a co-owner along with her husband Tom Campanaro, founder of Total Gym.

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