Total Gym Addicts – Lisa’s Story

My name is Lisa Dyer. I’m a 51-year-old wife, mother, and teacher, living  in Ashland, KY. As someone who was very athletic during my teenage years, my weight was never a concern for me. I always hovered around the same number on the scale, and I was able to stay close to that  number during my 20’s and 30’s. Even after I had my daughter, and gained a lot of weight during pregnancy due to preeclampsia, I was able to get back to my normal weight pretty quickly without exercising or dieting. I had a fast metabolism, or so I thought, and I was a very  energetic person who had a passion for life and adventure!

As I entered my 40’s, that fast metabolism came to a screeching halt, and reality set in. I was no longer able to fit into my clothes, the scale was now hovering over a much higher number, and I was depressed  and ashamed about how I had let myself get into this shape. Regardless of how embarrassed I was, I just couldn’t bring myself to exercise. I joined the YMCA, went a few times, but quickly became intimidated by the equipment. I convinced myself and my husband, that if I had an exercise room at home, then that would solve all of my problems. Lots of time, work, and money went into converting a playroom into a home gym, but I kept making excuses for not utilizing it. 

Over the years I kept seeing the Total Gym infomercials, and I thought that it looked like something that I would use because it looked fun yet effective. Of course, when I told my husband that I wanted one, he thought that it would be another discarded piece of equipment to add to the others. I had become sedentary. When I would get home from school in the evening, I would change clothes, get on the couch, and watch TV, or shop on the internet. I had created an unhealthy cycle in  my life, and I knew that something had to change. After doing tons of research, I knew that a Total Gym would be the thing to get me out of  my “Funk.”

I found a used Total Gym on Facebook Marketplace, and convinced my husband to purchase it. Rather than putting it in the exercise room, I decided to put it in my bedroom where I would see it daily. I purchased my Total Gym 1900 at the end of July 2018, and my only regret is waiting so many years to get it. I now look forward  to going home in the evenings, not to watch TV, but to work out on my Total Gym. I use it 5-6 days a week for 45 minutes to an hour. I’ll even hop on it during commercials, to do some ab tucks, or squats. I’ve also become more conscience about what I choose to eat and since July, I have dropped 2 pant sizes, and lost 10 pounds. I am  seeing muscle definition in my upper and lower body. I feel stronger, my clothes fit so much better, but more than anything, I’ve found that at 51, I can still set goals and reach them, my energy level is abundant, but most importantly, I didn’t settle for a sub-standard life, I’ve created one that I’m looking forward to living.

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