Don’t Hibernate: Tips to Staying Active Through Winter

Avoid Hibernation and Stay Active this Winter

Staying Active During Winter
With a new year upon us, it’s time for fresh starts, renewed energy, and pursuit of one’s resolutions! Or, let’s be real about this: the holidays are over, you’re exhausted, and few options sound better than hibernating until spring. Winter fitness? Just stop talking, lady! While not exercising may seem like the logical choice in the middle of winter, and winter fitness may seem an oxymoronic or at the very least, laughable notion, the truth is, even brief winter workouts will do wonders for body and mind.

Cold temperatures and a shortage of daylight can throw a real curveball in your fitness routine, but with a little creativity and dedication, Mother Nature does not have to completely undermine staying fit. Here are some ways to show her who is boss!

1.Brave the Cold for an Outdoor Workout.

A self-confessed wimp when it comes to winter weather, even I will tough it out for the blissful feeling of fresh air in my lungs, and the invigoration of an outdoor workout. I draw the line at forty degrees. If it is forty or over, I take my workout outdoors. Run, jog, or power-walk! Get outside, even for just fifteen minutes, to get your blood and endorphins moving. Modern sports apparel has you covered with gear specially engineered to enable and enhance your outdoor winter workout. Take care to ease into the workout slowly, and do not push yourself too hard. Cold temperatures make your body work overtime.

2.Stay Indoors and Hit the Gym.

There are some winter days when an outdoor workout is not only unpleasant; it’s potentially harmful to your health! If it is even approaching freezing temps, I recommend exercising inside. There is no greater workout convenience than a home gym, and purchasing home gym equipment would be an amazing gift to yourself and your family. If home gym equipment is not an option, many gyms offer special joining rates for the New Year. Even on the coldest of days, a quick trip to the gym warms me up and brings a bit of a healthy glow back. Replicate your outdoor workout indoors, or try joining a class! The structure of a class environment and its adherence to a schedule, can aid in staying disciplined.

3.Go Virtual for Your Workouts.

If neither braving the cold, nor hitting the gym sounds appealing, I not only understand, I have an alternative for you. The Internet is a fantastic resource for workout videos, you can even find some great workouts with Total Gym Pulse! Consider a low impact winter workout for body and mind like yoga, or a more intensive core-strengthening program, or maybe some light cardio aerobics. For optimal winter fitness, you can vary your workouts with a combination of all three. Online workout videos are perfect for personalized winter fitness, without ever venturing out into the cold.

Finding a way to stay active through the winter is crucial to avoiding cold weather doldrums, boosting self-esteem, and maintaining total body health. It also means no panicky mad rush to get in shape once warmer temperatures hit. So stay active this winter! Hibernation is just so 2013.

How are you staying active this winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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