Weight-Loss Success with Mike “The Fat Guy” Campbell

Mike Campbell, The Fat Guy: Part 3

Mike “The Fat Guy” Campbell joins Total Gym Pulse once again with some more inspirational advice, talking about feeling good. Mike states that he knows a lot of people that are overweight – like he once was – are feeling bad. He knows what it’s like to become resigned to never feeling fit and feeling that your life is stuck on the same road.

Mike Campbell

Mike talks about how he started working on feeling better, and now realizes how bad he really felt before working out. Start your journey today and he promises you will start to feel better too. Mike mentions if you look at him on the outside, you see a tremendous change but the change on the inside is 3 to 4 times that, because of the way he feels about himself, and proud he is to have accomplished his goals.

Mike Campbell

Once you start to make the effort to feel better, you will start to understand how good you can really feel too. One of the tools Mike used to begin his journey was the Total Gym. He now can do so many things he couldn’t do before and he feels great. Mike says at 57 years old he is the happiest and healthiest he has ever been in his life.

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