Total Gym Weight-Loss Journey with Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell, The Fat Guy: Part 2

Mike “THE FAT GUY” Campbell joins Total Gym Pulse once again for his second video blog. Mike begins this segment by recounting what his life was like when he weighed 350 pounds. He was on several medications and had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep problems, anxiety, migraines and asthma besides not being able to walk up a single flight of stairs. He felt horrible.

Mike Campbell

Both his doctor and wife were very concerned on what was going to happen to Mike if he continued down this path. Now Mike can proudly say he is off all of the medications he was on, and is in better shape at age 57, than he has ever been in his life – thanks to the Total Gym. Both his wife and doctor love him for making the positive changes to improve his health. Mike leaves us with the message to do whatever you have to do to take care of yourself and become the best you can be in life.

To read more about Mike, check out his full story here and check out his website

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