Total Gym Success Story: Rebecca Kiritsy

Rebecca Kiritsy – Testimonial of the Week

Total Gym Pulse welcomes Rebecca Kiritsy to the blog for our latest testimonial of the week. Rebecca mentions she is embarrassed when looking at old pictures of herself before using the Total Gym. She jokes that the pictures she shows in the video were the ones that weren’t deleted from the camera right after the pictures were taken. She was that embarrassed by the weight she had gained.

Total Gym Testimonial

Total Gym Testimonial

Within the first month of using the Total Gym Rebecca saw results. She had dropped an entire dress size and lost 10 pounds in the very first month of training. Rebecca could see and feel her body become toned and tighter – just within the first few days of working out using the Total Gym.

Total Gym Testimonial

Rebecca has lost 80 pounds and has kept it off for over 3 years – thanks to the Total Gym. She is extremely thankful that she started working out with the Total Gym and stuck with it, and that doesn’t look like she once did in the pictures that she keeps as reminders of how she once looked.

Rebecca’s Before & After Using the Total Gym!

Total Gym Testimonial
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