Raymon Whitt Shares His Success with The Total Gym

Total Gym Testimonial of the Week: Raymon Witt

Total Gym Pulse welcomes Raymon Whitt to our blog as our featured testimonial of the week. When Raymon first started using the Total Gym he was 233 pounds, which was completely overweight for his size.

Raymon Whitt

Raymon’s original plan was to use the Total Gym just to get back in enough shape to go to the gym. However, after using the Total Gym Raymon realized he didn’t have to go back to the gym – he could stay in shape using the Total Gym. The Total Gym gave Raymon the workout he needed to lose weight and keep it off. Raymon now weighs 192 pounds and credits the Total Gym with his 41 pound weight loss.

Raymon Witt

Raymon Whitt

Raymon Whitt

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