Avoid Repetition by Changing Your Workout!

Let’s make this about daily change, a change in your workout that gives you a freshness to last, one you can be happy with and one that will remind and inspire you to make a change when you find yourself stuck on a plateau or being a creature of routine.

Let this be the year you step out of your box and add something to your workout that you dream of doing but may seem like a lot of work. When honestly, a little extra work is probably just what you need.

Remember, when our brain gets lazy and stubborn our body usually follows. Try something that makes your brain step it up and focus, and just maybe it’ll create the domino effect that inspires your body to work harder.

Bored or Uninspired?

To be honest with you it’s rare that I get bored, especially when it comes to the Total Gym and working out. I know that even when I was at my strongest there were still exercises on the Total Gym that I either struggled with or just kicked my butt!

So, in the case of just spicing it up I am a big proponent of getting outside or adding other workout tools (Thera-Band, magic circles, Bosu ball, kettle bells, jump
ropes, etc) to your work out.

Taking a hike with a packed bag on a trail up a mountain (LOVE IT!)

Getting on my mountain bike and finding a great park to ride to or just hitting some good bike trails is heaven. These days I love taking my daughter to new playgrounds and literally playing with her (monkey bars, stairs, jungle gym, running in the field.)

It’s all a great fun workout, and trying to keep up with a kid will wear you out.

So here we go..
The work out I am going to give you will act as a circuit. You will be using your Total Gym as well as other exercises such as yoga and using jump ropes. Let this inspire you to create your own or just add on to this one. Just one reminder. All of your exercises should build up to the next. Work out smart, and have fun.


You will need your Total Gym with a leg strap if you have one, a jump rope, Thera-Band or magic circle

Footwork (warming up legs and feet) with Thera-Band or magic circle

  • Tower level 11
  • Sit at the bottom of your glide board
  • Lie back and place your feet on the foot bar
  • Arms either down by your side or holding your Thera-Band and magic circle
  • Straight neck, shoulders down and back
  • Ball of your feet on the bar with legs parallel and together do 10 calf raises
  • Bend and extend legs 10 times
  • Using the arches of your feet, with legs together bend and extend 10 times
  • Heels with a flexed foot, bend and extend 10 times
  • Legs hip width on balls of your feet, lifted heels, legs turned in (bend and extend) 10 times
  • Legs turned out, bend and extend 10 times
  • Then on heels (turn in and turn out) bend and extend 10 times

Tips: As you are doing your foot and leg work use your Thera-Band by pulling your arms open. If you have a magic circle press the circle together. Try to maintain a neutral spine and make
sure you whole body is engaged. Take long deep breaths.

Upwards facing dog, then downwards facing dog with plank push up (on the floor

  • Standing on the floor, inhale arms raise above your head
  • Exhale bend forward and place hands on the floor
  • Walk, step or jump back into plank pose
  • Bend elbows and lower into a push up
  • Take and inhale
  • Exhale and push through into an upwards facing dog, extending your arms into the floor and your head to the ceiling, stretching your whole front body
  • Inhale chin to chest, exhale roll through your spine into a downwards facing dog
  • From here you can go back into a plank push up or dive your head down and scoop up into an upwards facing dog (trying not to touch the floor).
  • Do this 5 times

Tips: make sure when you are in your push up that your elbows are bent by your sides in a 90
degree angle.

Form, Form, Form, always keep a straight neck and use your abdominals to move

Jump rope: 30 seconds or 1 minute

  • Skipping
  • High knees
  • Double feet

Surfer (on Total Gym) level 7 with arm pulleys

  • Lie on your tummy on the glide board facing the tower
  • Chest at the top of the board
  • Holding on to your arm pulleys
  • Pull your arms down as if you were paddling in the water bringing your arms up and back by your sides
  • Arms should be long reaching for your feet
  • Release and reach back to the tower
  • Repeat 8-10 times

Tips: Keep the crown of your head reaching away from your toes, your shoulders back, using your back and abs to help move your arms. Ensure your abs NOT resting on the board!

Jump rope: 30 seconds to 1 min

Upwards facing dog, then downwards facing dog with plank push up

  • 5 times

Crocodile Snaps (Total Gym): arm pulleys at level 5

  • Holding on to your arm pulleys
  • Lie down on glide board face up
  • Arms above head reaching for the tower
  • Legs straight and together just above your foot bar
  • Inhale and exhale and with straight arms legs, bring them both together like a crocodile snapping
  • Inhale arms reach back to the tower and legs back to foot bar
  • Repeat 8 times

Tips: your head stays down the whole time, keep your abs tight. Be careful not
to let your lower back arch. Your breath is very important.

Side leg sweeps (leg pulleys): On the Total Gym, level 5 or lower

  • If you don’t have leg pulleys you can place your foot in the handle of your arm pulley
  • Stand facing your tower
  • Place your left foot in your foot holder of the leg pulley
  • If you don’t have a leg pulley place your foot in the handle of your arm pulley
  • Place your right knee in the middle of the glide board (you should be kneeling)
  • Arms are shoulder width apart and elbows are bent on the board, shoulders down with a straight neck
  • Lift your left leg straight behind you
  • Inhale, with a straight leg sweep it out to the side to a 90 degree angle
  • Exhale bring it back and long behind you
  • Repeat 5 time and switch sides

Tips: Again form, form, form. Try to keep a neutral spine and never let your tummy go.

Please honor your body, this is more difficult than it looks. Start at a low level and move your way up.

End all of this with a good single leg stretch at the bottom of the glide board. Then try repeating it all again 1 or 2 more times!!!

Until next time!

Melissa Muñiz

Melissa L. Muniz is a certified Pilates Instructor, Dance teacher, Choreographer, Actor, Model and full time Mom! She has spent over a decade traveling the world studying traditional dance such as Flamenco in Spain and cultural dance in Indonesia to name but a few. She has toured with Nickelodeon as a dance performer and actor and starred in several music videos and movies. Melissa had the opportunity to train teachers for the opening of the first Pilates Studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has been working with Total Gym as a Gravity Master Trainer since 2002. She has loved the inspiration and support that Total Gym gives and lives by. Melissa now resides with her family in Atlanta GA, teaching at a Wellness Center where she infuses life, happiness and understanding of the body, to those with an open heart and mind.

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