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Personal Trainer Workouts: Tiffany Presents Three Total Gym Exercises

Tiffany joins us again on Total Gym Pulse to demonstrate some amazing Total Gym workouts. In this segment, Tiffany shows us how we can work four to five muscle groups with three different exercises that are amazing for your triceps, abs and legs.

Tiffany Workout

Tiffany starts by going into a triceps pushup and keeping great form by making sure her muscles are nice and tight.

Tiffany Workout

She then goes into an extension and works the abdomen by drawing her belly button to her spine and moving the Total Gym board up and down.

Tiffany Workout

Tiffany follows this exercise with a leg lift by lifting her legs back.

Tiffany Workout

The exercise is in full swing when Tiffany combines all three exercises together into one continuous movement, working all areas of her body at one time. She says that doing the same exercises at the gym over and over can get boring, and this workout routine is a great way to switch it up and keep your workouts fresh and fun. With the Total Gym, one can literally knock out multiple areas of the body in their workout and be done in 20 minutes or less. Tiffany adds that if she were to go to the gym and try to accomplish these same exercises it could take her up to an hour. You can save time and still have a phenomenal workout with Total Gym. Until next time!

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