Get Swimsuit Ready 6-week Workout Plan: Week 4

6-weeks to Swimsuit Ready: Week 4

3 weeks down, and 3 more to go!

We are at the midway point of our 6-week program to get swimsuit ready for the summer. I hope by now your body has adjusted to the daily workouts, your diet is in check (or at least you’re working on it), and you are starting to feel good in your skin. Although we have accomplished three solid weeks of training, we have three more to look forward to until you can fully evaluate your success!


Are you with me? Because I am so excited to be able to provide a dynamic 6-week program that I know will provide results if your mind and body are full heartedly in it!


Think of this 6-week commitment as a fun, motivating, engaging, and inspiring way to make a healthy lifestyle change for yourself. Small changes daily is all we to make a difference! It could be as simple as:
1. Eating more greens
2. Drinking more water
3. Getting more rest
4. Taking the stairs
5. Adding more energy into a short workout


Whatever the change is, try it to see if it makes a difference in how you feel. Fine-tuning is a learned skill that you will gain if you check in with yourself each day. What works one day may not work the next, and what works for someone else may not work for you! Therefore, you should aim to be flexible. If something isn’t working, try it a little bit differently. I want you to feel empowered and successful with this 6-week program!


We are well on our way to feeling our best and confident enough to slip into a swimsuit! Let’s review the 6-week plan of action:

The 6-week swimsuit ready program:

I have devised a series of workouts to do each week consisting of strength circuits and cardio/ strength intervals. On the off days of these workouts, you will do your own cardio, core, and flexibility routines.


Follow the workout routine for each day listed on the calendar provided. Each week I will provide you with a new strength circuit and cardio/ strength interval to change up the routine and challenge your body to achieve results.


Equipment: Total Gym equipment or free weights.
This 6-week program utilizes the Total Gym equipment. If you do not have a Total Gym, you can still perform similar exercises with hand weights to mimic the movements performed on the equipment.


How it works: Perform the exercises back-to-back, with little to no rest (30-60 seconds rest) between moves as needed. Complete the circuit 2-3 times total, with up to 90 seconds of rest between circuits.


Week 4 Workouts:
1. Legs & Core
• New exercises listed below & video provided
2. Arms & Core
• New exercises listed below & video provided
3. Blast & Burn (combination of cardio exercises from weeks 1 & 3).
• Use the strength circuit (same as week 1)
• Refer to week 1’s strength routine and add the cardio movements from weeks 1 & 3 where noted in red (workout listed below)


Week 4: Total Gym Routine
Focus: Legs & Core

Incline Medium (level 4-6), Squat Stand, Connect cable, pin placement 5
1. Knee tuck jumps (core)
2. Crunch & Crisscross (core)

Incline Low (level 1-2)
3. Reverse lunges
4. Side splits
5. Knee tuck & pike

Incline Medium (level 4-6)
6. Glute Sweeps
7. Cable Outer Thigh
8. Bicycle Crunch (assisted w/ cables)
REPEAT 2-3 sets


Week 4: Total Gym Routine

Focus: Arms & Core

Cable Connected, Pin Placement 5, Incline Low-Med (level 3-5+)
1. 1 pullover | 1 crunch (shoulders/core)
2. Arm circles (shoulders)
3. Tricep dips (triceps)
4. Chops (core)
5. Row & rotate (Back/core)
6. Bicep curls (biceps)
7. Prone back swim star (upper/lower back)
REPEAT 2-3 sets


Week 4: Total Gym Routine
(Same strength routine & cardio moves as weeks 1 & 3)

Total Gym BLAST & BURN: cardio & strength intervals

Cardio Movements: (combination of weeks 1 & 3)
Step up repeaters
Single leg jump squats
Pendulum hops
Lateral hops
Mountain climbers
Plié jumps
Jack squats

The Routine:
Incline High (level 8)
1. Plié Squats
*Single leg jump Squats
*Step up repeaters
2. Side Squat | Outer Thigh
*Pendulum hops
3. Pull Ups
*Lateral hops
Incline Medium (level 5)
4. Glute Presses
*Mountain Climbers
Incline Low (level 3-4), Connect the pulley
5. Chest Fly
* Plié Jumps
6. Biceps | Triceps | Shoulder Circle
* Jack squats
7. Seated Rotation
Incline High (level 8), Disconnect the pulley
8. Back Extension | Rotations
9. Leg Lowers

REPEAT Blast & Burn 2-3 sets


This week marks the halfway point! Keep up the good work and before you know it you’ll be soaking up the sun feeling confident in your swimsuit!



*NOTE: Please refer to the calendar for the appropriate week’s workout plan and look for the new workouts for the next week. A video of the exercises will also be provided weekly.
Swimsuit Ready Calendar

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