The Best Total Gym Back and Lat Exercises

Back and Lat Exercises

Back and lat exercises often get overlooked in workouts but they are both extremely important when trying to improve and develop one’s body. Many neglect back training because it is not as visual and can’t be seen as easily in the mirror as the arms or chest. However, not only can exercising this part of your body contribute to the “V Taper” creating the illusion of a smaller waist, but it also serves as great way to improve your posture. Joining us once again on Total Gym Pulse is fitness trainer John Peel who shows us some amazing exercises for the back and lats on the Total Gym.

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John says a back workout helps to balance out the body and should not be overlooked. The workout that John demonstrates consists of three different exercises to help get your body beach-ready for the summer. The first exercise works the mid back. To begin, keep your hands in a neutral position with your chest up. Make sure your core is tight and your shoulders are back. Pull the cables to your rib cage and keep your elbows tight. Release slowly and repeat this motion, keep tension in your back so your muscles stay engaged.

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Next, John shows us how to work our upper back using the Total Gym. Place your arms straight out in front of you with your palms down and pull the cables high up to your chin. Slowly bring your arms back down and continue this motion giving a nice squeeze at the top when in peak position. You can do a variation of this exercise by crossing your arms at the handles and pull with the same motion giving it a twist. You can come up high or low. This is a great exercise for improving your posture.

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The upper back is very important to work because it will not only aid in better physical aesthetics and posture, but it will also assist you in other exercises you do with different parts of your body.

John Peel Back Workout



Finally, John demonstrates how to work the lats. Again, place your arms straight out in front of you with your palms down. Keep your core tight and make sure your chest is out. Bring your arms all the way back behind you and give the cables a little squeeze, then slowly bring your arms back in front of you. Keep your arms straight through the entire exercise. This workout on the Total Gym works not only the lats, but also your triceps and your core.

Total Gym Workout with John Peel


Total Gym Pulse would like to thank John Peel for once again showing us some great exercises we can do from the comfort of our home on the Total Gym. If you have any questions about the exercises you saw today or have something to add please comment below. Look out for more great exercises with John on the Total Gym coming soon!


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