No pool? No problem. Total Gym Exercises That Replicate Swimming

Swimming Exercises

Swimming is an amazing way to get in a great aerobic workout and it also has tremendous rehab benefits. When dealing with a lower body injury working out in a pool is a great way to help nurse yourself back to full strength. However, not everyone has access to a swimming pool. This is where Total Gym comes into play. The Total Gym is used in rehabilitation facilities across the world to get people stronger and fit more quickly. But did you know that the Total Gym can also replicate swimming exercise techniques as well? Joining us once again on Total Gym Pulse is fitness trainer Rosalie Brown who shows us how to mimic swimming exercises on the Total Gym.

Swimming Exercises


Rosalie begins the video by showing us how to start the swimming-like exercises: lay on your stomach on the Total Gym Glide. Make sure your chest is towards the end of the glide and grab on to both cables. Begin by starting a breaststroke motion.

Total Gym Rehab Exercises


Take this exercise a step further by isolating your triceps by going into a tricep extension. Do this by bending your elbows from a 90-degree angle to extend all the way out. With this range of motion you engage more muscle by using less momentum compared to the cardiovascular workout as shown previously.


From here you can alternate between the breast-stroke exercise and the tricep exercise to get both a cardiovascular and muscle strengthening workout on the Total Gym. Not only is this a great way to get the cardiovascular benefits of swimming but you also don’t have to deal with chlorine getting into your eyes and hair! The swimming-like exercises on the Total Gym are ideal for anybody who is going through a lower body injury and wants to have a way to rehabilitate and stay in great shape!


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We would like to thank Rosalie for joining us once again on Total Gym Pulse. Look for more great health and fitness tips from Rosalie coming soon!

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