Three Moves For Your Glutes

Three great total gym booty moves

Three Moves For Your Glutes

Today on Total Gym Pulse we are once again joined by Maria Sollon of Groovy Sweat to show us three moves for the glutes on The Total Gym. These moves will burn your glutes and shape your glutes to the shape you desire.




The first move Maria demonstrates is a “Lateral Lunge Skater.” Start by standing to the side of your machine. To maximize your workout raise the incline of your Total Gym. Place one foot toward the base of the glide board and move into a lunge position placing all of your weight into the heel of your foot on the ground. Keep your arms up so you can focus on your legs during the exercise. Move your leg laterally which will move the glideboard up and down the rails. If you are able, try to sit even lower into the standing leg which will really burn  your glutes. Do this for 20 reps on one side, then transition over and do the same on the other side.



Next, place your squat stand at the base of The Total Gym for the second exercise. Come down to a sitting position for “Glute Lifts.” Place your heels at the very top of your squat stand, lift your hips in the air and begin to move up and down on the glideboard. You will start to feel this exercise in only a few reps, this is great for working your entire lower body. If you want to challenge yourself, try taking the exercise to single leg squats.


The third and final move Maria demonstrates are “Plie Squats.” Keeping your feet at the top of your squat stand come down into squat position and keep the range of motion very small. We keep the range of motion very small so we can really burn out the glutes. If you want to change the angle, simply turn the feet in and out. Do this for 20 reps then extend your legs out long and come back down to do 20 more reps in a small range of motion.




We would like to thank Maria for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. Look out for more amazing Total Gym workouts coming from her soon!

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