5 Important Tips on Finding the Right Activity / Calorie / Food Apps


At the beginning of every New Year, we all look for effective ways of counting calories, controlling food intake, eating healthier, getting fit, being more active and losing weight. But there’s always a large amount of them, and it’s important to know how to choose the right one for you.


In addition, many of these apps try to take “control” of our exercises, activities and caloric intake away from us, which doesn’t really offer any long-term solutions and makes the consumer dependent upon them for results. The best approach is to commit yourself to being in control of our own actions, which can be better accomplished through an app that is clear on who’s in charge of what’s happening with yourselves and our bodies.



#1 – First Of All, Join A Really Good Gym

Before you start searching for the perfect app for your iPhone or Android device, consider signing up with a gym, or look into a Total Gym solution that will help to provide you with a program that can assist you with your goals and work well with your chosen application. Not only will you have the assistance of the staff available for anything you need, you can talk to other members about what they’re using in the form of technology, what they might recommend and what’s working (or not) for them.


#2 – Divide And Conquer

The trick with the majority of these apps is that they concentrate on just one specific part of this equation, it’s either a healthy diet and caloric intake, activity or exercise and don’t encompass all of them. So decide exactly what you’re looking for and what you may need with more than one app to accomplish your goals. For example, read further for a handful of apps specifically designed (and applauded) for getting the results you want in these particular areas.


#3 – Conquering Those Unhealthy Habits

Here’s one that will help you conquer a number of different tasks for overall health and wellbeing called Habitbull. Not only do they look at multiple ways to stop bad behaviors, from nail-biting to late-night snacking, they also offer an online community of support, advice, inspiration, continuous updates and a calendar for your success.



#4 – Runners Reward

For those who like to run and challenge themselves at the same time, this is the perfect app for you. Recommended by an author from Business Insider, especially for beginners, he reported this application transformed him from someone who wasn’t very particularly mobile to a repeat runner in just a couple of weeks. Imagine what this can do for an avid jogger, runner or someone training for a marathon.



#5 – Diet & Calorie Counter

Another recommendation from Business Insider suggests better route of tracking our diet and caloric intake coming from the MyFitnessPal app available on Android and iOS devices. This app is all about the user, and as such puts you in control rather than dictating what you should be doing.


Remember, you’re the one in charge of your own destiny and in this journey, you’re the one steering the ship. You’re the commander of your own vessel and you can use these apps to arrive safely at your goals without all the hype.

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