Clever & Personalized Last Minute DIY Gifts for Fitness Fans


Do you have a friend, a particular family member or co-worker that’s a true fitness fanatic? You know the one, that awesomely active exercise guru, a workout enthusiast, the healthier part of your group? Whether you’re an active participant in this much healthier lifestyle or a passive observer of this experience, you can still get them a great gift they’ll appreciate long after the holidays have come and gone.


We’ll assume that your chosen gift recipient probably already has some type of wearable fitness device since they’re all the rage nowadays. When it comes to an obvious fitness-related stocking stuffer (Fitbits for example), doubling up on these devices have recently become the subject of some television fodder on comedy shows – so this option really shouldn’t be one of your gift-giving choices.


While many already have the Fitbit or other fitness wearables, others are seeking an armband for their iPhone so they can safely bring their omnipresent handheld device along while working out. Seamstresses can find a pattern for this type of covering at Maiden Jane.


For an even quicker gift from the sewing room, you don’t even need a needle-and-thread or fabric to make a great looking braided workout headband. Just a T-shirt, a pair of scissors and some tape. The instructions and pattern can be found here.




Gift cards also make a great last-minute gift. Taking it a step further, creating your own gift certificate is also a great personalization option and will make excellent last-minute, stocking stuffers. Personalized gifts made by the gift-giver themselves always add a special, more personal touch. Take advantage of this touching trend and think about some ways these offerings will connect with your recipient on a much healthier and more emotional level, while being personalized at the same time!


Some commonly used home-made “offers” often involve a heart-healthy meal that you volunteer to prepare with a promise on paper to eventually deliver it in person. This dinner, luncheon venue or dessert in the form of a redeemable coupon will bring you together with them while remaining fitness-friendly.




POPSUGAR brings us a few homemade gifts to use in your household gym. Check out these easy and low-cost options:


  • Medicine Ball: An old basketball can be drilled somewhere along the black lines, filled with sand, patched with a kit or sealed over with duct tape.
  • Free Hand Weights: A leftover water ball makes a great hand weight filled with either water, sand or pea gravel.
  • Even Bigger Weights: A duffel bag or other handheld storage device can be stuffed with a sandbag or other weighty material.


A contributor over at the Crafty Times Blog found that when they put two layers of padded shelf paper together, it felt very similar to a yoga mat. Use two different designs and your mat is now reversible. A few minutes with a Sharpie will give it an added personal touch.


Whether your holiday budget is a little bit on the light side or perhaps you’re just looking for a last minute option for a fit friend, fight back against the Grinch with these inexpensive, personalized presents. These types of gifts will be greatly appreciated on Christmas day and will last well beyond the ringing in of the New Year.

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