Total Gym Exercises to Tone the Core

Benefit From A Strong Core With the Total Gym

Core workouts are essential and they develop not only your abs but also your oblique and lower back muscles as well. Core exercises are an important part in any well-balanced fitness program. When you strengthen your abdomen, pelvis, lower back and hips you gain better physical balance and stability in your everyday life. In addition, strengthening your core will help you in all of your other physical training as well as leading to more efficient workouts. Tiffany Savion joins us on Total Gym Pulse once again to show us a great core workout that can be done on the Total Gym.

Core Workout

Begin this core workout by getting in a side plank position – stack your feet at the side and lay your elbow on the glide of the Total Gym. Hold this position for 30 seconds to one minute. This exercise gets more challenging by holding your position for longer and longer each time.


To take this core exercise even further, drop your knee and bring your arm up a little higher, then move into the modified position of the side plank. This will work your core even more and puts you in position to do the next exercise.

Ab Workout

By lifting your leg straight up and down from the modified side plank position you are not only able to work your core but you are now working your glute muscles as well. You can also go forward and backward which creates a major isolation in the abdomen area. Even the shoulders are being worked when performing this highly effective core workout.


Remember, developing a strong core is a great way to improve your performance in all the physical activities of your life. Focusing on your front abdominals is not enough, it is essential that you work all areas of your core to get maximum results.


Total Gym Pulse would like to thank Tiffany for demonstrating to us yet another highly effective workout using the Total Gym. Be sure to look out for more amazing workout tips from Tiffany coming soon!

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