Total Gym Addict – Cassandra’s Back and Arm Workout

Hello Spring! Bathing suit season is right around the corner, so less time to get into shape for those summer vacations.  I am so blessed to have started my Total Gym transformation over a year ago. If you are just starting out or maybe just starting back again don’t worry, you can join right now! I get asked a lot about what exercises I do to tone up my arms and back. I wanted to share with you a few that I love and really target those areas that need a little more attention for those off the shoulder tops, dresses, and of course bathing suits! I exercise six days a week on my Total Gym Fit. I love using the cables for my upper body but I also use the attachments that Total Gym offers because they target specific areas. The Tri Grip Shaper Bars and the Dip Bars are great for toning up arms, shoulders, and back. I use these three days a week along with various cable exercises to really ramp up my results and get summer ready.

The Tri Grip Shaper Bars offers 3 different grips, wide, narrow, and vertical. I can do pull ups at each angle which will work different areas of my arms and back. I can do chin ups and plyometric exercises as well. The Tri Grip Shaper Bar can even be used as press up bars by removing the squat stand and attaching them into the proper holes.  I love working all the different angles that this bar offers. The wide angle is really challenging and my most favorite. I make sure to squeeze my shoulders each time I go up and long extension of my arms all the way down.

The Dip Bars are attached under the glide board. They can be used with the Tri Grip Shaper Bar attached at the same time. I do these exercise back to back since it only takes a few minutes to complete my circuit. The Dip Bars really target the back of the arms which most women struggle with that area. Triceps are really engaged with this attachment.  I used to do chair dips but this is far better and more comfortable to do on the Total Gym.  I found that lifting my legs or bending my knees really engages the core, so that’s an added bonus!  I also throw in some plyometric dips to really fire up my triceps and burn it out.

These Tri Grip Shaper Bar and Dip Bar have given me amazing results as they will for you.   I do 10-12 reps of each exercise without breaks, 3 times a week.  Beginners start at a low level and work your way up.

Trip Grip Shaper Bar

*Pull Up

*Wide Grip Pull Up

*Vertical Grip

*Chin Up

*Plyometric Pull Up

Dip Bar

*Lay Flat Dip

*Legs Up Dip

*Plyometric Dip

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