Eight Ways to Revamp Your Home Workout Routine

Eight Ways to Revamp Your Home Workout Routine

Whether you are discerning enough to have a Total Gym as your home exercise equipment, or use bodyweight, dumbbells, BOSU, rubber resistance or kettlebells, good home workouts can be enjoyed in just 30 minutes a day! Here are some tips to revamp and ramp up your home workout routine for best results.

Young female wiping her foreheadRaise Your Workout Intensity

Raising the intensity of your home workout helps you burn more calories, and keeps the calorie-burning oven in your body stoked all day. Examples of raising the intensity of your workout include adding resistance and speed to your workout routine. This can be achieved as simply as going from a walk to a jog, or from a jog to a sprint – depending on the level of your home workout routine.

Be Aware of Your Workout Form & Technique

Poor exercise form and technique repeated over time, with added resistance and speed are a recipe for disaster! Total Gym has some great home workout tips from the best exercise instructors. Another helpful tip: Exercise in front of a mirror. A mirror is a wonderful tool for tracking form and technique.

Visualize the Results of Your Workout

Think about the specific results you want from your workout. Write them down. Feel how they feel. Be Inspired. Tap into the power of your amazing brain.

Manage Your Stress

“Be a student of your breath.” I heard this from the amazing Jill Miller, a yoga and fitness therapy expert. Simple breathing techniques can relieve stress and anxiety, often experienced in this fast-paced world. Use the breath for focus and grounding yourself, with the added benefit of alkalizing your body through deep breathing.

Develop Kinesthetic Awareness and Proprioception

Having body awareness, outside and in helps us to focus on the exercise. Working on the Total Gym glide board is a great way to train body awareness.

Eat Right, Drink More (Water) and Be Healthy

Hydration and a clean diet are keys to a healthy lifestyle. Paying special attention to your nutrition and water intake – as well as switching up your home exercise routine – will give you dramatic results,.

Add Music to Your Workout

A magical motivator, music engages the brain, sparks the imagination and helps you set a workout pace. For most of us, working out to music also means fun – which is what good home workouts are all about!

Stretch and Rest Your Body and Mind

Spend some time stretching your body. Take a yoga class or treat yourself to some awesome self-care in the form of body rolling. Also, plan to get as much as eight hours sleep to give your body time to regenerate.

How have you revamped your home workout routine? We’d love to hear from you!
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