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Having a desk job definitely has its perks that one comes to love and enjoys in their daily schedule, such as being able to sit down while they work hard as opposed to being on their feet all day, having great photos of their family & friends on their desk placed directly in front of them to look at throughout the day, and being able to keep a portable heater beneath the desk to keep their toes warm during the winter months… and that’s just to name a few!

However, one of the not so great things about having a desk job is that it can sometimes have an adverse effect on one’s health & fitness level, particularly with lower back pain and poor posture. Sitting often throughout the day can weaken the core muscles and cause you to experience some serious long term pain in the lower back, not to mention a variety of other health concerns. It is extremely important for every single one of us to incorporate exercise into our lives, and not just in general. For those who are sedentary, it is an absolute must to take action and reverse any further health damage, STARTING TODAY!

The good news about all of the above though is that you are always one workout away from looking, feeling, and being better. And if you own a Total Gym Fit, then you are already ahead of game because in this article, you are going to learn 5 new exercises on your Total Gym Fit, right below that you can incorporate IMMEDIATELY at home or at your office to help you to strengthen your core, get stronger, and help you keep your risk of injury to a minimum in just 6 weeks!

6 Week Core Strengthening Program with Your Total Gym Fit

(To Be Performed 3 Days Per Week)

  1. Chest Press: Sit up straight with good posture facing away from the Total Gym Fit. Grab onto the handles and push out directly in front of you to complete your first rep, then repeat the exercise to complete the set. Now repeat that motion to complete the 1st set. Remember to press out fast but to come back in slowly to control the movements and maximize the muscle contractions. (3 Sets, 15 Reps)
  2. Upright Back Rows: Sit up straight with good posture facing the Total Gym Fit. Grab onto the handles and begin to pull them towards your body with the goal of getting your hands lined up with your chest, then come back out to complete the rep. Now repeat that motion to complete the 1st set. Remember to pull in towards your body fast but to go out slowly to control the movements and maximize the muscle contractions. Repeat this sequence to complete the first rep. (3 Sets, 15 Reps)
  3. Oblique Swings: Come onto the slider from the side of it and place your knees on top while also grabbing both handles simultaneously. Extend your arms out towards the top of the Total Gym Fit, then pull yourself up by swinging your arms away from the machine and at this point, you should start to feel a good stretch in your obliques. Return yourself back to the starting position slowly to complete the first rep. Be sure to swing out fast and come in slow while staying in full control during both motions – up & down. (3 Sets, 10 Reps in Each Direction)
  4. Leg Raises: Lay flat down on your back on top of the slider with your arms fully extended above your head to grab onto the hand grips of the Total Gym Fit with your hands facing one another. With your arms fully extended and your body stretched out, begin to lift your legs up simultaneously as high as you can to form the letter “L” out of your body, then slowly lower them back down. Repeat this sequence to complete the first rep, then repeat the movement. (3 Sets, 15 Reps)
  5. Pike: Place both hands on the Total Gym Fit foot platform with your head facing towards the ground. You then place your feet onto the bottom of slider (on your tippy toes) with your heels in the air. Your body should resemble an upside down letter “V” while you are in the starting position. While in this starting position, extend the full body outward so that you are completely straight, then you bring the slider back in with your feet to go back to the upside down letter “V”. Repeat this sequence to complete the first rep and repeat the exercise to complete the set. (3 Sets, 15 Reps)

Bonus: 3 Stretches That You Can Incorporate Into Your Daily Routine To Help You Improve Flexibility

  1. Cats & Dogs Stretch: Start on hands & knees with hands under shoulders & knees under hips. Arch your back like a cat and let the head & neck fall down slowly. Next, transition into relaxing your lower back and allowing your abs to go towards the floor. Lift your head and neck, and then gaze upward. (2 Sets of 30 seconds)
  2. Reach Out Stretch: Starting from hands & knees, sit your hips back and extend your arms forward. Rest forehead towards the floor, relax your neck, and shoulders. Keep the arms stretched out and the fingers spread. Take 10 – 15 deep, slow breaths to finish the stretch. (2 Sets)
  3. Hut Hut Stretch – From hands & knees, raise hips up and push your heels to the floor. Stretch your legs in such a way that you look like you are about to get into a football stance and stretch your backside including your hamstring, your glutes, and your lower back. Hold position for 15 – 30 seconds to finish the stretch. (2 Sets)

There you have it, a core strengthening program that you can perform on your Total Gym Fit for the next 6 weeks to help you to get stronger and more flexible so that you can protect your back for the long haul and minimize the risk for lower back pain!

So with all of that said, what are you waiting for?!

Let’s get to work, let’s take action, and let’s get started TODAY! Good luck and be sure to let us know how the program is working for you!

Mike Robinson

Mike Z. Robinson is the owner of the highly successful personal training facility, MZR Fitness as well as Mike Z. Robinson Enterprises which features & highlights a myriad of options to help fitness professionals grow their businesses and careers. Mike was the 2015 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, is the author of the E-Book: “Fitness Up, Everything Up”, and he is also a Media Spokesperson for both the American Council on Exercise & IDEA Health & Fitness Association.

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