Upper Body Workout with Sherry Goggin

Upper Body Workout with Sherry Goggin

Having upper body strength is important not only in the world of physical fitness but in your everyday life. Daily activities such as the pulling, reaching, lifting and pushing that we all do but may not think about are all performed with ease when one takes the time to develop and strengthen their upper body. Flexibility and range of motion are enhanced when this area of the body is developed.

Sherry Goggin's upper body workout

Here to show us a great workout for the Upper Body is Fitness America National Champion, fitness model and entrepreneur Sherry Goggin. Sherry joins Total Gym Pulse once again to demonstrate the diversity of using the Total Gym.

Sherry Goggin Total Gym Upright Row

The first exercise Sherry demonstrates for us is the Upright Row which works the shoulders. Start this exercise by grabbing the cables and pulling them back to about your chin. Make sure to keep your elbows up high and squeeze the shoulder muscles to get the most efficient workout. Shoulders are an important part of the upper body that often get overlooked. Having strong shoulders will increase your mobility and give you a better looking physique.

Sherry Goggin Total Gym Bicep Curl

Next, Sherry transitions straight into a Bicep Curl. With the cables still in your hand, keep your elbows by your side and curl up with your arms. Again, squeeze the muscles and be sure to control your breathing at a nice slow steady pace.

From here, extend into the next workout which is the Tricep Pushback. Keep your elbows up high and extend them back isolating your triceps. Triceps are very important because they make up two thirds of your upper arm muscle!

Sherry Goggin Total Gym Tricep Extension

Finally, Sherry concludes the workout with doing a set of Back Rows. Sit up straight on the glide of The Total Gym and pull the cables straight back to about your rib cage. Be sure to keep your elbows in and work at a slow and controlled pace isolating your back muscles.

Sherry Goggin Total Gym Back Row

Sherry points out that she loves working out on The Total Gym because she can do so many exercises in one sitting without ever having to get up and switch machines. Not only does this save time but it also gives the user an intense efficient workout with maximum results.

We would like to thank Sherry Goggin for joining us on Total Gym Pulse showing us yet another amazing workout on The Total Gym. If you have any questions about the workout you just saw or anything else for Sherry or Total Gym, please comment below. Thank you for joining us and see you next time on Total Gym Pulse!

Sexy Toned Arms and Back with Sherry Goggin

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