Summer Workout Plan


Heat Up Your Summer Workout Plan

Summer is upon us! This means longer days, sunnier skies, and… skimpier clothing. This could be cause for concern, but a summer workout plan can take the cringe out of summer’s most fearsome wardrobe essentials!

Shorts, sundresses, trim tops, and swimsuits… Don’t fear body-baring summer fashion; conquer it! Break down that summer wardrobe into a summer workout plan. Get outside, embrace the day, and tone up with the summer-friendly fitness suggestions below.

Life is a beach: For lovely legs and beyond!
Walking or jogging on the beach is an enjoyable and highly effective way to tone and strengthen your legs, lift your bottom, and tighten your core. Sand is far more forgiving than the sidewalk, and this low impact is something your knees will thank you for! Blue sky, sea spray, beachgoers all around… With these happy distractions miles will fly by and your legs will never look better.

Surfing: Who needs to catch a wave? Your arms look fabulous!
My goodness, surfers make it look easy… I may never stand up on that board, but the burn I feel in my arms and core after emerging from “surfing” keeps this impossible dream in my summer workout plan. For summer sexy arms and abs, hop in the ocean and start paddling! Don’t worry about standing up; just try paddling out past the break. The serenity of sitting on that board in the middle of the sea is unparalleled.

Row, row, row your boat: for toned abs, who knew!
Ab Exercises like crunches alone are not going to achieve the flat belly you desire. I used to do hundreds and in the end found myself not ab-fab; just really cranky. You’ve got to engage your whole core to tone and tighten that midsection. For this I suggest jumping into a kayak! The kayaking motion is perfect for working your core and your arms too. Immersed in the sensory joy of your surroundings, working out will become a treat for body and mind.

Ain’t no mountain high enough: If it helps me brave that beachwear!
Abandon the indoor stair machine and venture out to hike on the trail. An uphill hike through diverse terrain is not only magic for the body; it’s good for the soul. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, and just the right motion to target the glutes. Hiking is a total body summer workout, with options for every skill level. Hiking is a fun fitness activity for the whole family and a great addition to your summer workout plan.

Be your best self this summer!
The most enviable takeaway from this summer workout plan is not a toned midsection, or even a perkier behind. It’s a genuine smile from knowing you’re taking care of yourself. Get outside; embrace the beauty of summer, and most importantly, the loveliness you have within. (And while you’re at it, look fantastic in this season’s most intimidating attire. Take that, swimsuit!)

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