Total Gym Exercises to Fight Hip and Knee Pain [videos]

Using The Total Gym To Help Joint Pain:   Do you ever hear yourself or others say, “I used to run/hike/jog/walk, but my knees (or hips) are too bad?” Why can some individuals continue to exercise in high-impact activities like running and hiking, while others can’t?   Joint health is multifactorial. It is dependent on, but not limited to the following factors: The activities an…

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Total Gym’s Guide To 2016’s Top Workout Gear Trends

High Tech Workout Gear: The Good, The Bad and The Weird: If you’re a fitness fanatic with a secret geek alter ego, then check out the latest biometric performance-tracking clothes, wearables and sportswear developments on and Indiegogo is easier to navigate than Kickstarter, but both sites have some exciting new gear that’s creating buzz in the sports industry.…

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