Tips For Getting A Six Pack

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Tips For Getting A Six Pack

Summer is just around the corner –  it’s time to bring out the swimsuits! Of course we all want to look our best and one of the best features to showcase at the beach are “six pack” abs. Joining us once again on Total Gym Pulse is fitness trainer John Peel to give us some great tips on how to get a six pack using The Total Gym.


The first exercise John demonstrates is a plank. With your feet on the floor and arms on the glideboard position yourself horizontally. Make sure to keep your back straight to prevent yourself from injuring your lower back. From here, move your arms forward and move back and forth with the glide board. Go for 15-20 reps and if you can’t move the glide board, simply hold the plank position in place.


Next, John gets to the side of The Total Gym and places one elbow on the glideboard and stacks his feet on top of each other. Keep your hips up high as this exercise works the obliques. Simply holding yourself in place will get you a good workout but for a more advanced burn try moving your leg up and down, dip your hips in and out and reach over.


John concludes the workout by lying flat on his back and grabbing the squat stand. Stick your legs straight out in front of you and kick for about 20 seconds. As soon as you finish this, now do cross kicks for another 20 seconds. This final burn is going to work your lower abs.



Thanks John for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. Look for more great Total Gym workouts coming soon!

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  1. I like the trainer John Peel excellent exercise routine I think I will be using my total gym more often

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