Total Gym Addicts, Derek’s Story

Hello, my name is Derek Ball and I’d like to share with you my story. Back in October of 2017 I weighed in at 370 pounds, as of October 2018 I weigh 240 pounds.

The road to this achievement has a been a tough one, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Back in January of 2018, I woke up one morning and knew I had to make a change…well I did, and I haven’t looked back. I knew I needed some type of exercise equipment but wasn’t sure what to get, because there’s just so much out there. I came across an infomercial about Total Gym and knew I had to get one. I had seen them before and always thought to myself ” well if Chuck Norris says it works, then I have no doubt it does”. The rest is history, I got a Total Gym in February 2018 and have been using it every week. I do total body workouts that consist of roughly 1 hour each. Usually 3 sets of 15-20 reps. In between my sets I take a break for a couple of minutes.

Besides exercise, I changed my eating habits. I do a lot more cooking at home and no fast food. I switched to drinking just water and avoiding high calorie drinks. I also avoid breads, sugars, high fructose corn syrup, and things of that nature. A normal day for me would be scrambled eggs with Turkey sausage, a banana and yogurt, apples with peanut butter, followed by baked chicken breast.

I have come a long way from where I use to be, and I am never going back. Along with losing 130 pounds, I’ve lost 16 pants sizes and 3 shirt sizes. My energy levels have gone up, my endurance is much higher, I am overall just a happier person by changing my ways and getting healthy. Thanks for reading my story and I hope it can inspire at least one person to change their ways for the better.

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