How To Bench Press with Total Gym

Improve Your Bench Press Weight with Total Gym

Total Gym Pulse welcomes back John Carleo to the official Total Gym Blog. This week John shares an innovative workout technique to duplicate the typical gym bench press when using the Total Gym. John says that whenever someone notices you’ve been working out – one of the first questions they always ask is “How much can you bench press?” Below are some tips from John on how you can increase the amount you bench press with Total Gym.

Setting Up Your Total Gym to Do A Bench Press

Total Gym Bench Press

Start by sitting on the Total Gym with the bar at the top of the machine with the cables underneath the bar disconnected. Lie back, extend your arms all the way up, and then place your feet up on the bench.

Doing a Bench Press with Total Gym

Total Gym Bench Press

Then simply move your arms up and down the way you would on an actual bench press.

Here’s a great article on how to properly and safely perform the bench press.


John mentions that this workout is actually safer than doing a bench press with a bar because with a bar your hands have to stay in the same plane along with the shoulders. This exercise with the Total Gym starts you start off with no additional weight, but can steadily increase the weight as you get stronger by using the weight bar. Your shoulders go where they want to go with Total Gym, unlike with a traditional bench press where you would be forcing them, which could potentially lead to a rotator cuff injury.

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  1. Where do you obtain this thin bar that John is using for his bench press that slides through the small hole at the top of the bench ?
    I don’t see it showing available for attachments to purchase ?

    1. It is the Total Gym Weight Bar attachment.

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