Meet the New Total Gym FIT

Introducing the Total Gym FIT

The wait is over! We are proud to introduce you to our latest home gym exercise machine: the Total Gym FIT!

You may have heard the buzz on Facebook or Twitter, but we wanted to personally share with you, our Total Gym Pulse Community, a very-special announcement. Total Gym welcomes the latest member of our home-gym family this month: The all-new Total Gym FIT.

It’s All That and More!

Total Gym FIT has all of the tried-and-true features of the classic Total Gym home exercise machine, but with some really cool new upgrades like twice the resistance levels and a newly designed two-piece wing attachment for increased range of motion (yeah, we knew you’d like that!). Plus, the Total Gym FIT has an updated, sleek new look with a color palette inspired by Total Gym Gravity®, our hot, high-energy Total Gym workout program that has taken the world’s top-fitness clubs by storm.

Total Gym Fits Your Life at Any Age – and It Grows with You.

Trusted for more than 35 years, Total Gym has been empowering home gym users, physical therapists and fitness professionals for nearly four decades. With more than 4-million home gym customers worldwide, we are proud to have helped millions achieve their fitness goals. Now, you can take your workouts to the next level with the all new Total Gym FIT

Designed To Deliver the Most-Efficient and Effective Workout

Total Gym FIT targets all of the major muscle groups with just one workout. From resistance and cardio training to stretching – everything the body needs – Total Gym FIT features more than 85 exercises, on just one exercise machine. Every detail of the new Total Gym FIT was designed to deliver the most-efficient and effective workout. You can get a total-body workout in as little as 10 to 20 minutes a day.

So, What Else is New?

With twice the levels of resistance, the new Total Gym FIT gives you greater control of your workout while still providing the same great Total Gym results.

Total Gym FIT also features an updated two-piece wing attachment for wider range of motion, an ergonomic glideboard with extra comfort system, a new auto-lock height-adjustment system for easier transition between exercises, an upgraded steel frame, a new custom fender system to deliver a smoother ride, a reinforced slide-pivot assembly for extra strength and durability, a detachable leg pulley bracket and a sleek new look with a satin-metallic finish.

Supermodel and actress Christie Brinkley was spotted earlier this year taking a break from filming to work out on the Total Gym FIT at a beach in Santa Monica, CA. Here’s what she had to say about the newest member of the Total Gym family:

“I love the fluidity of the new Total Gym FIT. I can just glide from one exercise to another…my workout is continuous and that helps me get a faster workout and a total body workout…I love it!”

Ready…Set…Get FIT!

Total Gym FIT arrives fully assembled and ready to use out of the box, plus it comes with all the home gym workout DVDs, accessories and tools needed to get started on the road to success – including the Total Gym Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Workout DVD Series featuring top personal trainer and performance coach, Todd Durkin.

The Total Gym FIT includes customized workouts for men, women and kids, and home workout programs from beginner to advanced, delivering a total body solution that the entire family – at every fitness level, ages 8 to 80 – can enjoy.

Total Gym is currently offering a 30-day in-home trial as well as convenient payment plans and free shipping on the Total Gym FIT. Discover the exciting new Total Gym FIT for yourself.

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  1. I have the TOtal Gym XLS, Its not bad but i am well overweight at 160KG i was told it supports 180KG and yet the rollers are now stuffed for the second time in a row…. If you are overweight like me…this system is not for you as with 99.9% of fitness equipment out there…People around my weight or heavier are left to fend for ourselves in the fitness world…

  2. What are the levels of resistance? Can you tell how many pounds you’re using in each exercise?

  3. my grandson and I folded the total gym platinum plus, now I can not unfold the damn thing. this is so frustrating. Help! you guys should have a video on this.

  4. I received the gym about 3 weeks ago and love it. I am doing about 4-5x per week for 30-40 minutes depending on my schedule. How long before you can see results on average?

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