12 Days of Christmas – Holiday Fitness Challenge Week 3

Remember when I told you that research has shown that people gain more weight the week AFTER the holidays? Today’s workout is meant to push you and get your heart rate pumping. It’s time to kick up again and put yourself back on track for a good start to the New Year.

It’s Core Day

Now that you’re getting back into a more intense routine, let’s WORK THAT CORE!

This is one of my favorite routines to do in my workouts and with my clients. When you do it correctly you should have a really elevated heart rate. You can use any variation you want for the planks and can also go to a low plank for an easier workout.

Here are some key points to remember.

  1. Use a middle incline. Unlike most exercises on the Total Gym, the higher the incline for planks the easier! But you also want a challenging incline for the pull ups.
  2. Be sure to keep your back straight during your planks. No rounded back, no arched back or tucked under tailbone!
  3. Keep your head up and don’t drop your head down. If you need to rest for a sec, do so and then continue. When you lower your head in a plank, your neck will start to strain.
  4. When doing the pull ups, be sure to draw your shoulder blades down and lift your chest as if you are going to touch your chest to a bar. You should feel the squeeze of your back doing the work and not the elbows.
  5. Time your time, don’t rush and use good form.

If you want a real intense workout, string all the holiday videos together and do a 1-minute interval of each! Here’s week 1, and here’s week 2.

Get to it and get ready to be sweaty!

For more tips and info on how to use your Total Gym, visit my website https://brianstotalgymlab.com

Brian Monnier

Brian Monnier is a Transformation Specialist from San Francisco Ca. He has taught Yoga, Martial Arts and worked with clients one on one for 25 years. He specializes in people new or returning to fitness and those who have chronic injuries or pain. He owned a yoga/fitness studio for 12 years in San Francisco and now is focusing on helping clients online.

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