12 Days of Christmas – Holiday Fitness Challenge Week 2


Today’s workout is for the day after all the holiday eating!

The best part of the holidays in my house is the wonderful food that the whole family sits and eats. It’s quite a tiring experience. We usually end up at my Mom’s house and she doesn’t hold back. There’s usually a TON of food and there are rarely any leftovers afterwards. The evening usually ends with everyone induced into a huge food coma.

Does that sound familiar?

I have found that the next day it’s hard to get an intense workout in, and have had a lot of success with my clients by having them do an energy boosting workout instead.

In today’s episode it’s all about just getting your body moving and doing a softer but effective routine.

Keys to remember:

  1. Take it slow and use lower inclines. It’s just about moving and getting the blood flowing.
  2. The routine is great but if you have back problems be careful with some of the butt lifts.
  3. Remember to breathe out and brace your waist on exertion.
  4. If you want a more intense workout, perform Week 1’s workout first here.

The whole focus of this type of workout is to keep it light and really get your blood flowing. It’s also really great for when you are feeling weaker and need a light workout that is effective. The style of this workout is called “working in”.

Paul Chek, the father of modern holistic exercise has found that most people (especially after age 40) need to incorporate more “working in” routines because over-working the body’s system when it’s feeling weak would just be detrimental for you. The day after the holidays for most is a good time to just “work in.”

I can personally attest to the power this “work in” workout has. It really works!

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Brian Monnier

Brian Monnier is a Transformation Specialist from San Francisco Ca. He has taught Yoga, Martial Arts and worked with clients one on one for 25 years. He specializes in people new or returning to fitness and those who have chronic injuries or pain. He owned a yoga/fitness studio for 12 years in San Francisco and now is focusing on helping clients online.

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