How to Target the Obliques on the Total Gym

Oblique Exercises

Oblique exercises are critical to obtaining optimal abdomen strength and aesthetics. The oblique muscles have several important functions. First, they help you bend to the side or twist your torso. Also, strengthening the obliques muscles makes your back stronger which helps prevent back problems and injuries. Strong oblique muscles can help give the appearance of a slim waist and improve your posture. Today on Total Gym Pulse, fitness trainer Rosalie Brown is here to show us some amazing oblique exercises that you can perform at home on the Total Gym.

Oblique Exercises

Rosalie’s clients are always looking for a better way to work their abdominals but many do not properly incorporate their oblique muscles, which is critical to achieve the look they desire. Many just simply roll up and down or tuck their knees in and out. This may work some of the abdominal muscles but not the hard-to-reach obliques. Rosalie points out that it is the “twisting” action that really fires up the abdominals. The oblique muscles are paper-thin muscles that run diagonally downwards and make up the largest part of the abdominal wall. So if you are having trouble with a “poochy tummy” focusing on the oblique muscles will help..

Rosalie Brown Ab Workout


The Total Gym is a great tool for targeting the oblique muscles. On it you can perform one of the best twisting oblique exercises out there. Start by simply sitting sideways on the glide board of the Total Gym and grab the cables. From there, grab the handles in both hands and sweep the cables across your body, engaging the obliques. Continue to rotate back and forth. Once you work one side of the body, simply turn around and work the other side.


The oblique muscles are known as the body’s natural girdling system and with this exercise you are able to target these muscles, firming and carving out the waistline. Keep going with this oblique workout and you will have a flatter stomach and stronger core in no time!


We would like to thank Rosalie for joining us on Total Gym Pulse and showing us yet another incredible way to use the Total Gym. Look for more amazing health tips and Total Gym techniques from Rosalie exclusively on Total Gym Pulse.

Rosalie Brown Oblique Exercises


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