The Best Total Gym Bicep Workout

Best Bicep Workout

Do you ever wonder what the best bicep workout is? We hear so many different options but in this post John Peel introduces us to a fast and effective bicep workout that you can do at home using the Total Gym. Summer is almost here and most of us feel the need to tone the upper body muscles as we begin spending more time in short sleeves, tank tops and bathing suits at the beach. Joining us today on Total Gym Pulse is fitness trainer John Peel who shows us a phenomenal bicep workout on the Total Gym to get our arms in shape for summer.

Total Gym bicep workout


The first exercise John demonstrates works out one bicep at a time. Begin by sitting sideways on the Total Gym and position your arm so it is completely straight out. Keep the elbow high and bring your fist all the way to your ear creating a curling motion. Slowly let the arm back down and bring it back up with a nice squeeze at the top. Using your body weight for resistance, this exercise is a great way to isolate and work your bicep. After you’ve done enough reps that your arm needs a break, simply switch over to the other side to work your other bicep doing the same exact motions.

Bicep Workout


For his next exercise, John shows us how to work both biceps at the same time in the form of a “Preacher Curl.” The higher you set the incline on your Total Gym, the more resistance there is. To build bigger biceps set the incline on the highest setting. Ladies who want to maintain tone and build lean arms can use a lower incline setting. Start by putting both knees up on the Total Gym glide and sit back on your heels. For this exercise your elbows are going to stay on the pad of the glide board the entire time. Just like the previous exercise, this primarily works the biceps. Keep your arms straight and curl all the way up to about eye level. From there, hold the position and then slowly bring your arms back down. Be forewarned, this exercise isn’t easy but it builds your biceps for noticeable results.


Total Gym - Bicep


John says the combination of these two exercises is all you need to get the job done when achieving stronger, more toned biceps. Dedicate yourself to these bicep workouts and you will be in tank top shape in no time!


Total Gym workout

We would like to thank John for joining us on Total Gym Pulse. Look out for more great Total Gym workouts coming from him soon!




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