3 Steps to Happiness

3 Steps To Happiness

If there is one thing we set out to achieve while living on this planet, it is happiness. However, in this world of busy work schedules and daily stresses being happy can sometimes seem impossible. Today on Total Gym Pulse personal trainer Tiffany Savion returns to show us three steps to become a healthier and happier YOU!

Tiffany Savion keeps a thankful mindset

Tiffany says the first step to focus on is one’s mindset. This means acknowledging and accepting your true authentic self. Once you accept who you are, it is then important to believe in yourself and know that you can accomplish exactly what it is you set forth to do. Keep your mind strong and develop it like it is a muscle!

Eat clean, whole and organic foods


The next step is to focus on everything happening from the inside out. Tiffany goes on to explain that all of the changes that you want to have happen in your life must come from the inside and then you can influence the outside of your body. She says to throw away the word “diet” and to focus on eating clean, whole and organic foods.

Tiffany Savion keeps active on her Total Gym Home Exercise machine

Finally, Tiffany says to “Mindfully Move” every single day. You want to do this in balance which means either working out on your Total Gym home exercise machine, going to the gym, taking a nice long walk, go on a run, taking a salsa class or any other type of exercise that works for you. Mindful movement is a lifestyle. It’s just not losing weight and looking a certain way but rather about creating positivity, success and most importantly happiness in your life.

We would like to thank Tiffany for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. Remember to practice her three steps to live a healthier, more productive and happier life. Look out for more posts from Tiffany soon!

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