7 Simple & Creative Ways To Stay Fit On Vacation

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7 Simple, Easy & Creative Ways To Stay Fit While On Vacation:


Vacation is the time for us to relax, unwind and recharge, but it’s also the time of year many of us will gain weight. According to statistics, while some of us attempt to lose weight before we go on holiday, almost a third of us return with extra pounds. If that’s not bad enough, when it comes to staying active while we’re on the road:


  • Over half of travelers admit to overindulging on alcohol and other empty calories
  • And over 80% don’t feel guilty about these types of overindulgences
  • While a third of vacationers bring workout gear with them, only 27% actually use it


But it’s not all bad news. Over half of those staying in hotels admit to using their gym facilities and another two-thirds of those on the road say they’re eating healthy while they are vacationing. Most of us go on vacation and return with more than we left with, but this doesn’t have to mean coming home with added inches or pounds. So here are seven tips to staying fit and healthy while travelling:



#1 – Fido Won’t Freeload


Consider taking your four-legged best friend along with you since there’s a plethora of places that are pet-friendly nowadays including lodging and restaurants. Not only will you avoid the possibility of your animal suffering from separation anxiety during your absence, there’s also plenty of ways to stay active with pet.


Many of us will walk, run or cycle with our dogs daily, but we can also take them to dog parks and other activities out on the open road. Take them with you jogging, on a hiking trip or cycling adventure in some new locations. You’ll both be happier and healthier in the long run, pardon the pun.


#2 – Don’t Rest at Stops


While you can hit the gym at the hotel as mentioned previously or exercise in your room, when you’re on the road, make the best use of your time when stopping for breaks. Don’t just pull into a rest stop to use their facilities, check online for places along your route with outdoor activities.


Check for local parks, forestry venues, hiking or biking trails and other activities you can enjoy along the way to your final destination. Do more than stretch your legs when you pull off the road; explore the area, take in all the local flora and fauna.


#3 – Think Outside Your Comfort Zone


If you’re on a family outing, for example, don’t just walk around a theme park, although this is good exercise, opt for other more active outings. If you’re going to the beach, rent some kayaks, bicycles or try a new adventure like windsurfing or boogie boarding. Many places that rent these items also offer lessons for beginners.


Think of other ways you can be more active with your family while you’re away from home. Perhaps you can take a hike to a far away, scenic location for a family picnic with healthy foods and snacks. If you’re camping, hike to new and different destinations you haven’t already seen before. Don’t forget to swap out unhealthy, calorie-packed snacks with trail mix and replace those sweet sodas and adult beverages with water.


More Quick Fitness Traveling Tips – As mentioned previously, you can always hit the gym or exercise in your room, but there’s a handful of other ways you can stay fit:


#4 – Local Amenities


If your lodging doesn’t come equipped with a gym, check out the surrounding neighborhood for other local workout spots. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals, hotel staff or other guests if they have ideas or other active destinations they can recommend.


#5 – DIY at the Hotel


Carry your own bags, don’t use the elevator and skip the shuttle service if your vacation venue is nearby. Think of every possible excuse to walk to your destination instead of calling a cab or using public transportation.


#6 – An Active Night On the Town


Going out at night to check out the local hot spots doesn’t necessarily mean sitting through a movie, eating a fattening dinner and drinking the night away. Get creative and see if you can find a local, healthy eatery, dine on some local cuisine and follow it up with some dancing at a nearby club.


#7 – Plan Ahead


If you’re not on a tight schedule when you’re booking your trip, check out the local area for fun activities you could join. Perhaps there’s a local charity walk or a 5K fun run. They’ll be happy to get more participants, you’ll get some exercise and help a worthy cause. It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.


Get creative when it comes to staying in shape while you’re on vacation. Don’t just “belly up to the bar,” seek out a healthy juice bar instead and don’t just lay around the pool, see how many laps you can swim. Challenge yourself, your traveling companions, or even those you meet along the way to stay healthy and active during your holiday.

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